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Look to Egypt for Clues about Obama

Vito29 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 11:00 PM
Annfan you have a warped sense of reality. This isn't a "conservative" issue, this is an American issue, Michael is exactly correct about Barack Hussein Obama. Maybe you should open your Progressive Left Wing eyes and see how the islamic world has persecuted Coptic Christians in Egypt. How al-Qaeda arm Boko Haram is killing Christians in Nigeria on a daily basis (close to 10,000 and their not done). Northern Sudanese muslims are killing Southern Sudanese Christians. All these nations are members of the U.N. 57 Islamic states who regularly level Human Rights charges against the United States, but yet the U.N. remains silent on the genocide committed against Christians in the Middle East. Even Barack Hussein Obama is silent!

Why doesn’t President Obama—who claims to be a Christian—ever defend the cause of the harassed and persecuted Christians around the world?

Examining his dealings with Egypt during the past two years may give us some clues.

Clue #1:

When vast street demonstrations opposed former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Mr. Obama was quick on the trigger to publically call on Mr. Mubarak to resign.

Mubarak was a secular dictator who promoted capitalism. There was plenty of corruption, to be sure. But that is cultural; the increase—not decrease—in corruption under the Islamic dictator who replaced Mubarak has proven that.

Then, when the...