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Our children are not safe! The liberal movement, redefining themselves as "progressives", are a danger to all children in America. They have perverted the laws and Constitution of the United States and continue to attack the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Harry Reid defames and defiles the Koch Bros with his hate speech. However Bloomberg is doing more harm to this nation, by undermining the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.
Well Well, Obama's DOJ working in coordination with the IRS to attack and suppress Obama's "enemies". Obama has already defined his "enemies" so now he uses Federal Depts DOJ & IRS to carry out his orders to suppress his "enemies". What an abuse of power and grounds for impeachment! What a disgrace the POTUS is!
Lying is all Obama and his minions have left in their arsenal. Who better to continue the lies is the Beast from the East, Wasserman Shultz
It's reparations the Obama's believe they are entitled to! The guy has a brass pair to call out the GOP for "leaving" DC, while he's on a taxpayer funded Hawaiian vacation and submit a useless budget 4-5 months late and send more US taxpayer money out to foreign countries, which we can't afford. Oh and he laments that more than 1 million people lost vital lifelines (whatever that means) which pales in comparison to the more than 6 million Americans who've lost their health plans they liked thanks to ObamadoesntCare!
What's new with this fraud. Nothing has changed since 2009. He doesn't care about fiscal responsibility, he's shown no fiscal restraint except in funding Islamic causes: If he does come up with a budget it will yet again be summarily rejected by the US Senate for the 5th year in a row and in a bi-partisan fashion.
This isn't about "giving" healthcare to all Americans, Obama & Democrats are about control and power. There was absolutely no reason for the federal government to get into the healthcare business and turn the entire delivery into chaos. In addition to chaos, we are learning about all the additional "taxes" embedded in this terrible law. The U.S. is not Europe, Russia or China and we should not aspire to go that low. However Washington DC has other plans for America. Americans are now nickeled and dimed saddled with new taxes and fees since govt takeover of healthcare. Not to mention the potential loss of your current healthcare plan.
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Maryland Considers Minimum Wage

Vito29 Wrote: Dec 29, 2013 3:44 PM
These lawmakers have no common or business sense. They have no idea how to spur economic growth and create jobs. But who ever said State and Federal Legislators were smart!
Sad you are correct! The media has covered for this phony and his divisive Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Free Enterprise and frankly Anti-American belief system.
An orchestrated organized left wing radical union movement to "victimize" workers and demonize business. From the POTUS with his Anti-Capitalist & Anti-Free Enterprise ideology empowering unions to do his dirty work. Obama spews his "living wage" rhetoric and unions go into action, so democrats can demagogue the issue. Understanding fundamental economics is not the democratic party's strong suit.
The arrogance of Pelosi is typical of the left wing radical democratic "leadership" including Obama. She, Reid and Obama shoved this healthcare plan down the peoples throats and strong armed he fellow democrats, some of whom got waxed in the 2010 election. Maybe if Pelosi's constituents held her accountable for shoving healthcare down our throats and kicked her butt out of office, she wouldn't continue to make stupid comments! But what can we expect from another phony living off taxpayers backs.
This will cost taxpayers billions more dollars and Congress can't stop this? Government totally out of control! Where is this money going to come from?
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