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Sad you are correct! The media has covered for this phony and his divisive Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Free Enterprise and frankly Anti-American belief system.
An orchestrated organized left wing radical union movement to "victimize" workers and demonize business. From the POTUS with his Anti-Capitalist & Anti-Free Enterprise ideology empowering unions to do his dirty work. Obama spews his "living wage" rhetoric and unions go into action, so democrats can demagogue the issue. Understanding fundamental economics is not the democratic party's strong suit.
The arrogance of Pelosi is typical of the left wing radical democratic "leadership" including Obama. She, Reid and Obama shoved this healthcare plan down the peoples throats and strong armed he fellow democrats, some of whom got waxed in the 2010 election. Maybe if Pelosi's constituents held her accountable for shoving healthcare down our throats and kicked her butt out of office, she wouldn't continue to make stupid comments! But what can we expect from another phony living off taxpayers backs.
This will cost taxpayers billions more dollars and Congress can't stop this? Government totally out of control! Where is this money going to come from?
Obama's NLRB carrying out the Union ruse. Why that's surprising? lol. Obama anti-capitalist and Anti-Free Enterprise. Wouldn't expect anything less from the Anti-American.
Article states: "He's been tortured and beaten for practicing his faith". Let's not forget this is a State sponsored incarceration, this is a State sponsored Torture and State Sponsored Beating! Which means Iran is in violation of U.N. Resolution 16/18, which they ardently support. They support suppressing Free Speech in the West, yet they are clearly not living by the rule they wish to impose on non-Islamic states. Hypocrisy & intolerance. Of course the Secretary General of the U.N. is Silent and Barack Hussein Obama is useless!
This is the kind of intimidation fundamental islamists want the West to impose on non-muslims all in the name of multi-culturalism. All the previous years of muslims whining and constant playing of the victim card, leads to intimidation and instilling Fear into the hearts of the disbelievers.
Once again American Taxpayers lose! $132 million here, $535 million there, $1.2 billion there, it's just taxpayer money and I'm quite sure Obama cronies have been rewarded handsomely. What's interesting about this green scheme deal, you know how Obama pretends to be for the little guy and middle class and demonizes the "rich". Yet the EPA used taxpayer money to fund a green scheme which each unit would cost $103,000. Now how many poor and middle class people could afford to buy a $103,000 automobile?
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Have You Seen the New Time Magazine Cover?

Vito29 Wrote: Nov 24, 2013 1:55 PM
Broken Promises good description - should now be called ObamadoesntCare!
Agreed Pistol! The GOP can do a tremendous service by "constantly" reminding the American Voter of Obama's words on ObamadoesntCare - you won't lose your doctor, transparency, you can keep your plan and a host of other lies. Throw in the taxes that are going into effect for 2014, that had already gone into effect and the number of job losses already incurred over ObamadoesntCare. Americans have short term memories, democrats know this and they will ramp up their talking points to blame the GOP, which is unmitigated gall since they are responsible for the entire debacle!
LOL! Only the democ"rats" could pull this off. Democratically Controlled Congress shoves ObamadoesntCare down our throats, passing the government takeover of our U.S. Healthcare. They stem debate and hide from their constituents like cowards in 2009 & 2010. A democratic president signs this terrible bill into law. And now it's the GOP's fault? LOL. Of course the willing accomplices in the media will not challenge this absurdity and cowardice, because they espouse this radical mindset. One thing you can say about the jackasses of the democratic party, they get their talking points out and they all stick together, no matter how insane their logic is!
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