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When oil prices were holding at $100 barrel Obama blamed speculators for driving oil prices up. When oil falls to $60 barrel Saudi's blame speculators for driving oil prices down. What is it with muslims blaming speculators all the time?
Obama's unilateral decision on immigration reform sends a clear message to the new incoming members of Congress, he has no intention of working with you. All the media hype about compromise and the new Congress having to "reach across the aisle" is the media's attempt to dictate the narrative. Dictator-in-Chief had no reason to make a unilateral decision on immigration. With a new Congress coming in January, it could have made a good gesture on his part to work on a solution (lol, couldn't write that with a straight face - Obama has no intention of working with a GOP controlled Congress).
Goes to show how ignorant media has been for the past 5 yrs. They've been so busy covering up for the empty suit, the liar-in-chief, they thought they were above being abused by Pres. Soundbite. You think Obama targeting James Rosen was cause he works for evil Fox station? How dumb the media truly is! Your useful idiots to Obama's radical agenda!
So Osama Hamdan did you say Jews slaughter Christians on al quds tv, as the interviewed showd? So you can't answer the question, typical islamic double speak. Muslims are incapable of answering questions even when you have them actually saying it, they must answer a question with a question. Then give stock talking points, they believe in Jesus, however quran Chap 25 v2 states allah took no son. At least Hamdan took safe haven in Doha, Qatar.
We now know Obama's 2008 comments were just Soundbites. Obama's entire presidency the past 5+yrs have been soundbites. There is no substance with this fraud. Obama and his presidency has been an utter failure, fiscally irresponsible on the domestic front and an abysmal foreign policy (if you can call anything a foreign policy).
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Sen. Warren Embraces 'Pugnacious' Populism

Vito29 Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 12:02 PM
Wow, Pocahontas Warren throwing her hat in the Presidential Contender ring would be a feather in her war bonnet
Of course it has nothing to do with race. The only time Obama's skin color comes into play is when he doesn't get his radical left wing way. You can no longer disagree with Obama and his failed policies or else you are a racist. As if that is supposed to intimidate us. It was ok for the left to oppose Pres Bush with their vile discontent. So now we have a far left radical anti-American as POTUS, who is an ineffective big govt brat. If you disagree now you're a racist. Not!
This is President Soundbite at his best. All Obama has done for 6 yrs is speak in soundbites. His actions don't matter to the left or MSM, it's his 30 second or 60 second soundbite. Obama is a radical empty suite, bent on dividing the nation rather than uniting and has no leadership abilities!
Will someone please convey this news about 57,000 veterans awaiting medical care and appointments to the genius Congresswoman from Florida, Corrine Brown? Apparently the congresswoman has been misinformed and needs to hear the truph before she opens her mouth again
So Obama is going to spend $2 million of taxpayer money to defend illegal aliens who broke the law using taxpayer money to defend breaking the law? It does appear now that Congress must step in and defund Obama and Company! Enough is enough!!
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