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It should be noted that Virginia is one of 4 states that did not adopt Common Core. Our oldest started in public school in Fairfax County, Virginia -- that supposedly upper middle class enclave in the DC suburbs. That's where we learned the secret of Ffx schools: it's not that the schools are so great, but that a lot of the kids have smart parents. However, as the schools in Ffx decline due to uncontrolled immigration (our son was one of only 7 native English speakers in his 2nd grade class, even back then), watch more and more of the smart parents pull their children out like yours truly. We pulled out son #1 and homeschooled him through high school. He's in college now on an academic scholarship. Our two younger sons go to public schools in Virginia at the moment. (Not in Ffx. We escaped from there 10 years ago.) Should Virginia adopt Common Core, yes, then we'd almost certainly pull out at least the youngest. Our middle son is in Special Education, so CC curricula isn't an issue. However, schools from which the most involved/concerned parents have withdrawn their children would be a danger to him.
I keep asking what makes a person Latino. Shouldn't the Italians (whose ancestors spoke Latin) be the original Latinos? Along with Spanish and Portuguese, French is also a Latin-based language. Why aren't Americans with French ancestry Latin Americans? (Fun fact: a quarter of all US presidents have had some French ancestry.) If it is only speaking Spanish or Portuguese that makes one Latino, then does one's children lose their Latino-ness if he comes to American and don't teach his children Spanish or Portuguese? And what about the indigenous people of Central and South America who don't speak Spanish. How can they be considered Latinos if they don't speak a Latin language? Of course, France wasn't part of the Spanish (Hispanic) Empire, which seems to be what makes one Hispanic. That's why native peoples of Central and South America are Hispanic, even though some of them don't speak any Spanish. Except…the Philippines were part of the Spanish Empire, but their people aren't considered Hispanic. The Netherlands was also part of the Spanish Empire, and no one considers tall, blond Americans with Dutch names Hispanic. I figure as an American with both French and Dutch ancestry, I qualify as both a Hispanic (Dutch side) and Latina (French side).
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Don't 'Vote for the Candidate'

Virginia Lady Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 9:52 PM
The "libertarian" gubernatorial candidate in Virginia last year had positions more in line with Democrats (against tax cuts, for tracking cars, for expanding Medicaid, etc.) than even the squishiest RINO has. And he was bankrolled by a big dollar Obama bundler. Any libertarians who voted for him should hang their heads in shame.
Sorry, John. For someone who started so well, you ended with a big FAIL. Let's analyze some of your statements, shall we? "Most Muslims here in the United States, across the Western world and even in more moderate Islamic countries don’t support ISIS or Al-Qaeda. They don’t want Sharia law. They’re not okay with honor killings, rape, slavery, burkas, female circumcision, forced conversion or beheadings." Now contrast that with this: "The ISIS-sympathizing fanatic who thinks he should be able to rape Christian women and who forces his wife to wear a burka isn’t “somewhere out there” to them; he’s sitting in the back row of their mosque on Sunday." So why don't those "most muslims" stand up and tell that fanatic that his views are not welcome in their mosque (on Friday, BTW, not Sunday). Do you think they would be quiet if the fanatic was saying "Jesus is Lord"? Why don't those "most muslims" demand his burka-clad wife go home and not come back until she's garbed in something more appropriate? Do you think they would have a problem preventing a bikini-clad woman from worshipping. Nope, sorry. Either "most muslims" are cowards or they are sympathizers.
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Why Beheading?

Virginia Lady Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 5:12 AM
That's a lot of words to say, "'Cuz Mohammad did it, and he's the perfect example for all mankind." Saudi Arabia (you know, the country with sword on its flag) beheads people All. The. Time. In public, no less. And for real serious stuff, like sorcery. Oh, and roughly half of those executed are foreigners. Sure, I suppose you could argue they have a court system, and they only execute people who have confessed (under torture). But dudes, it's 2014. Oh, wait. In muslim lands, it's still 632, and will be so long as islam exists.
He was just an undocumented White House guest. Mr. President, you have a phone and a pen. Give this poor man legal status and let him come out of the shadows.
Soccer makes for boring viewing. That said, 2 of my 3 boys play soccer. (Middle son's thing is baseball.) Why? I discovered with son #1 that baseball was just too slow for him. He was a kid who needed to move, and he didn't do well sitting on the bench waiting his turn to bat and standing in the field waiting for a ball to come his direction. Soccer players are in motion most of the game -- just what sons 1 and 3 need. Soccer is one of those sports that is fun to play but boring as all get-out for spectators. (Golf is another. Oh, and a lot of Olympic sports are that way too, which is why they are only televised every 4 years.)
Or maybe we could reverse the process. In order to have an abortion, the woman has to convince a jury of twelve peers that the baby deserves the death penalty. If the jury rules that the mother should be allowed to execute the baby, lawyers can appeal the decision to higher and higher courts for years and years. Even if the case isn't overturned on a technicality somewhere along the way, by the time the woman would get the go-ahead from the state to execute her "baby," it would be 18 years old and a voting-age adult.
What part of "a jury" don't you understand?
No, but it is true that the Obama administration changed the accounting procedures.
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