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Essentially, Doug Giles is a misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, conspiracy-theory-slinging theocrat with a cigar. All the ingredients of comedy gold, incidentally.
Excellent analysis of Israel and Palestine by Anthony Cordesman
"The rights and wrongs that have led to the current crisis between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza are scarcely irrelevant, but almost all of the different arguments on each side have only one outcome. They all help lead to a degree of strategic paralysis that ensures no stable solution is possible to the crisis, that future tensions will rise, that Palestinians will suffer more because they are weak, and that Israelis will not become more secure simply because they are strong." Anthony Cordesman
Be thankful that your wheelchair,hospital costs, and nursing care is paid for.
A poster recently stated,"The liberal/leftist solution to the Middle East problem: Kill everyone who isn't Muslim, especially the Jews" ...... This statement is a lie. This statement is a gross oversimplification of the current issues at hand.
Liberals do not have an issue with capitalism. The real issue is unbridled unfettered capitalism
This will be a wonderful opportunity for you Carlita, to spend more time with Jesus.
Good Heavens!
Israel is no civilized nation. Hamas isn't civilized either, but it lacks the military hardware to brutally oppress Israel. Israel has the will and the hardware to brutally oppress Palestine and does so, when it could negotiate a real deal for land and autonomy.
P.S. sugar dumpling, always keep it classy!
When a land is controlled by military force it is not “disputed” it is occupied. When a people fight the occupier it is not “terrorism” it is resistance When an occupation bombs cities it is not “self defense” it is criminal When a regime separates, segregates, and discriminates it is not “democracy” it is apartheid Call it what it is. We’ve seen it before. We’ve beat it before. Apartheid
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