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Thank These Republicans for Obamacare

Virginia60 Wrote: Nov 01, 2013 3:32 PM
Okay, I'll vote for McConnell. But then can we force him to give back his $2B bribe in order to vote for the Reid version of the CR?
Did anyone else notice that Carney's fingers were crossed?
they're (as in they are)
Their own is "as in what they own" and "as in one of them." There own is simply incorrect.
How is it that the author didn't list 6 or 7 Republicans who deserve to lose? How about Mitch McConnel's $2.3Billion dam deal, and Lamar whatsisname of Tennessee who enabled it? Oh, gee, it "saved" $160million that "might have been lost" if the dam weren't built. I mean, is this not the biggest bribe ever in history? We knew Mitch was rich, power-clenching and malleable; but to have the nerve to take a freaking bribe in order to roll over and hand Obama and Reid this "victory." Reprehensible.
Our esteemed Governor is way ahead of you, Rick. He's legalizing pot. Well, it might calm everybody down and have them giggling and snacking and forgetting where they left their guns. Since gays have a higher average income than the rest of us, why, it's only Fair that they should pay. It's the socialist .. er, Democrat way.
Illinois Can't Wait! Why the rush? Is one of the "partners" pregnant? Bwahh hah hah!
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