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Thank These Republicans for Obamacare

Virginia60 Wrote: Nov 01, 2013 3:32 PM
Okay, I'll vote for McConnell. But then can we force him to give back his $2B bribe in order to vote for the Reid version of the CR?
Did anyone else notice that Carney's fingers were crossed?
they're (as in they are)
Their own is "as in what they own" and "as in one of them." There own is simply incorrect.
How is it that the author didn't list 6 or 7 Republicans who deserve to lose? How about Mitch McConnel's $2.3Billion dam deal, and Lamar whatsisname of Tennessee who enabled it? Oh, gee, it "saved" $160million that "might have been lost" if the dam weren't built. I mean, is this not the biggest bribe ever in history? We knew Mitch was rich, power-clenching and malleable; but to have the nerve to take a freaking bribe in order to roll over and hand Obama and Reid this "victory." Reprehensible.
Our esteemed Governor is way ahead of you, Rick. He's legalizing pot. Well, it might calm everybody down and have them giggling and snacking and forgetting where they left their guns. Since gays have a higher average income than the rest of us, why, it's only Fair that they should pay. It's the socialist .. er, Democrat way.
Illinois Can't Wait! Why the rush? Is one of the "partners" pregnant? Bwahh hah hah!
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Will Boehner Stop Our Rogue President?

Virginia60 Wrote: Aug 30, 2013 1:12 PM
Boehner's letter/questionnaire to BHO was impressive. But he speaks with forked tongue, and so no, he won't stop anything. When you have Holder charged with contempt of Congress (a year ago? longer ago?) and he's still Attorney General and not wearing orange, do you really think Boehner will use the House' power? The fact that Obamacare passed in 2010 with NO Republican votes should enable a simple, fund-everything-but Continuing Resolution. Boehner likely wouldn't let that even come to the floor. But if it does, and passes, then when the Senate amends it to include Obamacare funding, NOT ONE Republican should vote for it. Ah, but of course that ignores the omnipresence of Maine's beauty and her RINO cohorts. We have one Party, folks, and it doesn't "represent" us; they exemplify "self-serving."
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Senate Immigration Bill is Pro-Business

Virginia60 Wrote: Jul 15, 2013 12:19 PM
Senate bill is pro business if you're referring to the unions' business. Why do you think the beloved and precious SEIU and AFL-CIO reps were in on all the meetings? What a bonanza: 11 million+ new union members, with all the hirers directed to pay them more than they're accustomed to earning, and voila! The union coffers are once again full, Right to Work is staved off, and big money is at last ready for disbursement to Democrats. jdmeth123 is on point.
As to number 9, Barry Goldwater was hectored and written about derisively (as had been the case for most of his political career) when he said that the lives of American boys were more sacred to him than the lives of Vietnamese soldiers. The left has always felt compelled to denigrate Americans one way or another.
You wouldn't even have to use American troops if the buses headed on south of Mexico's southern border. Nobody but nobody breaks into Mexico!
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