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Is no one else bothered by the fact that we're suddenly using "hate" as a noun?? The term they're trying to think of would be "hatred". If they're going to baselessly slander us, at least do it with proper grammar! What is this, kindergarten??
This has happened to me! I was persecuted by a university kangaroo court with a foregone conclusion, and was refused legal council, for something that the local police had investigated and dropped without even questioning me about the matter, since there was clearly no evidence for the baseless accusation. I would have sought legal action, but had to sign an agreement that neither party would seek legal action of any kind on the condition that I would "voluntarily" leave the university with good academic standing, a clean record, and tuition reimbursement for the ongoing semester. It happened nearly four years ago now at Stetson University in FL, and I have since graduated from USF, at which I've had far better experiences.
You present a false distinction. I oppose same-sex 'marriage' not because it's somehow harmful to society, but because it's incoherent. The idea of "same-sex marriage" is a logical contradiction, something like a square circle. The idea that government can decide how to (re)define marriage is like suggesting that Congress can pass a law (or worse, the Supreme Court can decide) that tomatoes aren't actually a kind of fruit, but really they should be classified as a species of dolphin. If it's an empirical matter (which it certainly is), we're asking the wrong authority to comment on it; we should, as you say, be going to the great moral thinkers, not the government.
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Vincent150 Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 11:40 PM
As a libertarian, I'd be more offended by this if I weren't so confused and disappointed by the so-called "libertarians" who agree with the LGBTLMNOPQIAETC crazies.
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