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What's Behind Hatred of Obama?

Vincent107 Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 10:54 AM
Ummm... It was a joke working in tandem with the column and playing the part of the bogeyman that journalists want to use. You see, there was this birth certificate thingy where some people were saying he was born in Kenya and therefore not eligible for the Presidency. Then there was some talk that he was a Muslim but wouldn't admit it out of fear of alienating much of a nation that was attacked by a radical Muslim group in recent history. Then he's obviously a Communist. That's why it's funny, see? It sounds like three people but it's really just one ... and he's the President...

What drives Barack Obama's "doubters and haters"?

So asks Obama biographer David Maraniss in a recent op-ed article for the Washington Post. By doubters and haters he means the people who think Obama wasn't born in the U.S., that he's a secret Muslim or that he's a closet socialist.

He has an answer: "Some of it can be attributed to the give-and-take of today's harsh ideological divide. Some of it can be explained by the way misinformation spreads virally to millions of like-minded people, reinforcing preconceptions. And some of it, I believe, arises out of fears of demographic changes in this...