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She's right in one respect. He doesn't get enough credit for his disastrous policies because there is always someone else to blame.
It is truly baffling. This sentence alone told me he was a complete loon: "This is the United States of America, the Greatest Country on Earth! Now go with me to fundamentally change it." Obama 2008 Campaign
Valerie Jarrett, the vacuous cipher in the WH keeps this idiot's ego puffed up beyond comprehension. You should read some of the things she has said about him. She is either completely clueless or a genius puppet-master. Probably the latter.
Only the discipline instilled in these graduates kept them from outwardly booing this coward fraud-in-chief! Godspeed to our cadets and future military leaders. Let's get this bum out of office so they have a real leader to serve under.
We have to accept that the people of KY have spoken and he is their choice. This is how state politics are supposed to work. Everybody doesn't have to agree with it, but accept that KY has done their part in the process for their people.
OK people of KY, I guess you have spoken. We in conservative-land, still don't understand why you want to send this fossil back to congress, however.
These are the judges that MUST be removed. Recall him people of OR, let your voices be heard this time! The people must start sending messages to these activist judges who decide what is best for us.
So where does the 41% approval rating come from?
Hey, why not the baseball HOF? With is girly jeans and a 20 mph fastball, he's a sure thing.
R-E-P-E-A-L, is the only answer. Do not vote for anyone that will not do it. This cannot be "fixed".
Kind of like what would happen if you came upon a herd of apes in the jungle, huh? it seems that this mentality or lack of, certainly stems from somewhere.
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