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This is interesting indeed. One thing that has not been made clear is that there really was no written order for this amnesty. It is all a hoax (head-fake) and the creation of a new program by memo. Congress has every right to not fund it and let it die. If the fraud then goes thru with it and issues a real order, he can be impeached for overreach.
The real problem is and always will be the primary system we have in this country. Until we allow everyone to vote for all the candidates in the primaries, we will still have the establishment of each party selecting our candidates for us, by the results in three states. These three states always get to select who the bigger states get to vote for and this is flat out wrong.
Nice addition and sadly true.
Your friend's mom must be pretty hot, but not everyone wants to strip online.
Yes, always remember that the government does not have a single dime that it did not take from someone else, even if it borrowed it. A very wise man, Ronald Reagan once said, never trust someone who says, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." The smaller the government, the more freedom for Americans. Truly think about that.
The simple reason why Oblamer didn't go is because you can't march against something you believe in.
Because this concept of self-accountability does not fall into the utopian view of progressive-ism, it does not bode well for our society as a whole. Unless the general public openly refutes the wealth-distribution scheme of liberals, we will never make any real progress in this area. Because liberals believe you are too stupid to care of yourself, they have to create social programs to take care of you and thus, shackle you to their plantation of control over you. If you are in this situation and you cannot see this, YOU must awaken to the realities around you and take advantage of opportunities afforded to all of us, equally.
Yep, I wonder how fast repeal bills would get created then?
Bwaaahahahaha! Listen to them whine, not so bright afterall, are they? Maybe these professors in "theory" can actually welcome themselves to reality. Love it.
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Obamacare's Annus Horribilis

Vince194 Wrote: Jan 06, 2015 2:40 PM
We are watching GOP! Get a full-repeal bill on the fraud's desk and let him veto it. Get it on record that HE is the obstruction to the will of We The People.
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