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Stupid is, As Stupid Does

VigilantWingnut Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 4:36 PM
"Only those totally ignorant about the economy, those who have never actually created a job, believe the fairy tale that taking money away from the top spenders, investors and job creators isn’t going to further damage the economy." You just described the typical Democrat. We are screwed. Nov 6th, 2012 proves that the moron voters officially outnumber the responsible voters. Spending will not be controlled and collapse is inevitable. The entitlement junkies voted for it. It's akin to heroin junkies voting for more heroin dealers as the solution to their drug addiction problem. Not just America, but Europe as well will crash soon. China will emerge as the dominant superpower with a gold-backed currency. Prepare. It's your only option.
Can the GOP really be this stupid? It appears many in the GOP Congress are suddenly willing to raise taxes. What utter fools. As Forest Gump's mother (played by Sally Field) said, "Stupid is, as stupid does." And this is world-class stupid.

If GOP politicians can't figure out any good arguments to oppose tax increases, I’ll give them a few.

First of all, Obama and the Democrats argue that the wealthy don't pay their "fair share." Really? The top 1% pay 40% of all the taxes. That's not "fair?" They also account, according to the New York...