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Pocketbook vs. Personally Popular: Decision 2012

VigilantWingnut Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 12:29 PM
"To wit: The American voters do not necessarily support President Obama’s policies, but they like Obama on a personal level. As the new mantra goes, “…While the American people do not support all of President Obama’s initiatives, he remains personally popular with the public.” " In other words, much of America (Democrats and the utterly clueless "undecided voter" in particular) are too stupid to vote on substance so they vote their "America Idol" mentality. "This guy makes my leg tingle more the other guy". Nice. We're screwed. The idiot class is going to ruin the whole friggin country some day.

The Romney campaign scored a sorely needed victory and a jolt of energy last Wednesday night, and many election watchers, including many Townhall readers earnestly hope that this will have some staying power. Many liberals are hard at work trying to explain Obama’s fumbling performance away as a fluke brought about by thin Rocky Mountain air or some such foolishness. This new spin is forcing the Left to temporarily shelve the narrative that they have been attempting to impose on the 2012 election, which is relatively simple and deceptively straightforward. To wit: The American voters do not necessarily support President Obama’s...