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I think everyone understands it's a joke. But what should have been funny, and in many cases usually is, isn't funny when said by a rabid anti-2nd-Amendment fascist who wants to deny YOU your rights while he keeps his. Fascists always seek to disarm the citizens they wish to control because they plan on keeping THEIR guns and men with guns. It's funny when you are 3 years old and Grandma says "you are so cute she could just eat you up". No so funny when Hannibal Lecter has you tied to a chair and says it to you. Same idea.
The sequestrations, as badly and mean spirited as the Obama administration implemented it (and deliberately so), it still remains the one and only positive step towards reduced spending the government has taken in over 5 years. Of COURSE increased taxes and continued out of control spending, with the looming spectre of Obamacare taxes and the obviouse fact that it's going to completely blow the budget off the map are REAL factors holding back the economy. Not to mention QE 1,2,3, and Infinity. People (at least those smart enough not to vote for Obama anyway) know that nothing good can come from what has been done to the economy, the private sector business climate, the attacks on small business and personal incomes since Obama was first elected, but QE WILL lead to massive inflation through the devaluation of the Dollar, There is no other possible outcome. The economy may "appear" to get better in the short term if you only look at short term indicators, but not a single long term indicator looks positive. But you'll never hear about this from the Obama sycophantic news media. They will continue to sing and dance while Rome burns as long as their messiah is still in the White House. "Don't worry, be happy. Think positive. Quit being such Negative Nancies you Tea Party racists. Obama is saving America for Socialism." I don't think so. Prepare Comrades. It ain't gonna get better anytime soon, maybe not in our lifetimes. .
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Sugar High From Sugar Daddy

VigilantWingnut Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 9:49 AM
I suspect the Stock Market is being manipulated on several fronts. I think a lot of investors know that QE-Infinity will cause mass inflation (it HAS to) and are making DOW runs while they can to grab what they can before yanking their cash out and investing the money in something more "tangible" than stocks and bonds. When that happens, there will be a huge market crash followed by massive inflation and depression. Nothing Obama and his ilk have been doing is going to turn out well. I can't see a single scenario where anything good comes out of Obama's Fundamental Transformation of America. The worst is yet to come, and it's gonna be bad, very bad.
I was going to make a very similar comment. Even after what NPR did to him you would think that Juan would have learned, but no. He still nothing but an embarrassing shill for the Obama administration. Like most nearly all Democrat blacks, Obama's (and Holder's) race absolves him of any evil or wrongdoing he could ever commit. Sad, really sad. Like the title of this piece says, a Progressive will never hit bottom, and Juan unfortunately is the poster child.
What I have yet to hear is whether or not the students were required to put their names on the surveys. I don't have any problems with anonymous surveys of this type in order to track the trends of destructive behaviors rampant in public schools. mostly thanks to Progressive cultural experimentation and manipulation. As a high school student (that would have been over 30 years ago), I certainly wouldn't have been eager to put my name on such a survey however.
This is about Political Correctness. PC is part of the Liberal mental disorder. It is Speech and thought control. Orwell nailed it with his coined terms of Newspeak, ThoughtCrimes, and DoubleThink. Political Correctness is a disease that must be purged from our nation if we are EVER to solve ANY of our major societal problems, much less identify and stop potential terrorists.
I can certainly label anyone an idiot just because they are a Liberal. What more proof do I need? Did it ever occur to you that "Liberal Chick" may be just an act to make fools of... I mean to expose just what fools Liberals really are?
WHile Obama and his Communist ilk have hit the accelerator, the transformation of the military into a cesspool of political correctness and Socialist stupidity has been ongoing for decades. PC was already rampant in the USAF while I served in the early 80's. TO be honest, I'm somewhat surprised it's taken this long. The Socialists are very bold with a true believer in their cause occupying the White House. As such have become quite open about their disdain for the Constitution, our great institutions (marriage, armed forces, boy scouts, etc.) and are openly and brazenly attacking anyone and everything who dares disagree on all fronts. They already have the educational system, media, and big corporations in their grimy little claws.
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Coming Up Short On Dr. Gosnell

VigilantWingnut Wrote: Apr 17, 2013 4:49 PM
If Obama had a Daddy he would look just like Kermit Gosnell.
Also, I just the BBC headline where police are bracing for violence from the Left winged loons at Thatcher's funeral. You would be hard pressed to find more hate than the vitriol that spews from those on the Left, and they have always been prone to violence. They are spoiled, spiteful, insolent children, contemptible and reprobate in all their ways.
Conservatives will ALWAYS "out care" Progressives and Liberals (Democtats, Socialists, etc.) What we can't do is out enable, out pander, out identity politic, out race pander, out pervert pander, out gender pander, out lie, out deceive, out vilify everything good and moral and productive the way Democrats do. Since we live in a country of spoiled clueless immoral irresponsible children who expect everything handed to them at other people's expense, the Democrats are their greatest enablers, and I don't see the GOP ever winning that battle. The Roves, McCains, Grahams, and every other RINO who are trying to push the GOP party to become just like the Democrats will do nothing but destroy anything decent that is left of the Republican Party.
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