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AR-15s Save Lives -- Here’s Proof

VigilantWingnut Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 9:53 AM
yeah, wait till Obama bankrupts America and all that the "free" taxpayer milk from the teat of the Nanny state quits flowing like mana from heaven to the perpetually entitlement and welfare addicted infants A.K.A. the Democrat voting base. All the major cities in America will be just like the LA riots. Living in the country won't insulate you either. There will be gangs of rapists, pillagers, and plunderers looking to take what you have by force. They will get what they deserve by voting for Obama and any other Democrat, but the rest of us will need to defend ourselves. Call me a kook if you want to. Anything that is unsustainable WILL crash, and our spending is beyond unsustainable with no hope in sight with B'roke still at the helm.

Why does the media make it so difficult to find news stories of Americans employing guns--more specifically, semi-automatic guns (including AR-15s)--to save their lives?

I set out to write a piece this morning to highlight heroic instances in which people have used semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles in desperate attempts to defend themselves and others. To my surprise, Google didn’t take me very far.

Conservatives know that the mainstream media has engaged in a biased war on the Second Amendment over the last few decades, but this morning’s search opened my eyes to the extremity of their bias.