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Shut up jay corney you should be Ashamed of yourself for even working under that Traitor and Spewing his LIES for him, you will be Remembered for being a little Coward so now GO AWAY.
Surprise, the DemonRats are Guilty of Aiding & Abetting Criminal activities but the investigation team can not get the release of all the documents to Pin the Tails on the Jackasses does this surprise any one? from the MOST Transparent Admin. (Quoted by Barack Obama Himself) Stonewall, Deny, Distort, Delay is how this Evil Regime operates they have LIED so much now they must continue to LIE to keep their heads above water.
The problem is the BIG, BAD, BEHEMOTH, BLOATED, BANKRUPT, Gimme-ment, the States could do a better job.
HollyWeird HYPOCRITES shut UP and sit Down.
GO get'em Try hang their balls to the wall.
Right, little Jay Corney there is NOT a Smidgen of LIES, Cover up in this Corrupt Regime.
The question is when are they going to appoint a Special Investigator to GO after these LYING Liberals.
The Liberals are so STUPID they will Bend, Stretch,Break, Abuse, and Trample on the Constitution and wipe their Evil feet on it cause to them they make it to suit their Evil Minds.
And the Postal Service has joined the Buy Ammo bandwagon for what purpose?
What do we expect from the Self Righteous (Holier than Thou) "Elitist" Liberals and Joe's handlers have their hands full trying to make him look and talk with enough sense to fool people.
And Goofy O'Bozo is still out there pushing selling his snake Oil like it is candy and every one wants some. Boy is he just Plain Stupid.
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