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What do we expect from the Self Righteous (Holier than Thou) "Elitist" Liberals and Joe's handlers have their hands full trying to make him look and talk with enough sense to fool people.
And Goofy O'Bozo is still out there pushing selling his snake Oil like it is candy and every one wants some. Boy is he just Plain Stupid.
WAKE UP, if we do not vote out this Evil Regime & Bunch of Liberal "Elitist" it will be Full Speed ahead if they regain the WH in 2016, we need to Win the senate in 2014 and keep the congress to Control these IDIOT Liberals.
DUH, O'Waste in Chief likes spending & WASTING money it is all a Big Game for him.
The ONLY fight I have seen the Coward in Chief put up and really rub America's nose in it is his Darling obamacare now that is his Toughest fight so far. The Russians know he is a push over and Coward. No one respects him.
The American people need to Vote / Kick you Loony Liberals out that would solve a lot of the problems, Californcation is a Prime example of Liberal Madness. But the Loony Liberals seem to like it.
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Obama Must Go

vietnamvet1971 Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 8:44 AM
BUT the "Homosexual in Chief" has helped and Battled average Americans to help the Evil Homosexuals to WIN every battle they have waged against America & Christians. So with this Evil president along with the Number 1 Daddy of Evil SATAN aiding & abetting the EVIL forces EVIL has Prevailed.
got to give ole Joe (Demented Brain Dead) Biden credit this is the FIRST thing he has said that is TRUE in 5 years he is getting older & forgetful.
Just goes to prove the Low Info inner city voters are uneducated and vote for their special Person of skin color. Sad what the Liberals are doing and have done to the black people BUT they are to blame and no one else.
The Die hard Loony Liberals are Hypocrites and LIARS and not MAN enough to admit obamacare is a Big Joke from the Big Joker.
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