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Some one tell the little Fearful, Sissy Liberals we live in a Evil world not their version of make believe Utopia they want people to believe in. We have had a Feckless little man in the WH NO experience to lead the USA little less be a World leader. So we got what the Stupid Liberals Forced on us but we can change things / results come November let us Vote and get rid of the DemonRats in November.
Now O'UNGODLY in Chief along with his EVIL DOJ Minion has the "EVIL IRS" to abuse people of Faith so look for those Thugs in a Church near you.
The Leftist,Lying, Looney UNGODLY Liberals are afraid of Christians we are in a Spiritual battle with these Evil people IF they can shut us up they will win we must stand up to EVIL or we will Lose.
DUH, Okay we know you are a Suck Butt O'Dumbo lover trying to cover up for his LIES so move along you have blurted an Ignorant comment. Breaking the Law to you Silly Liberals is like stealing a piece of candy whats the matter you afraid they will uncover the TRUTH and your BOY will be Naked. Vomit !!!
Can America survive 2 more years of this Muslim Traitor and his Evil Policies.
Lets see 2 years the IRS has been Delaying, Distracting, Denying and obama is considering what to do, Laughing, take your time there obama whats the rush. What a DUD in the white mosque.
Just another college educated KNOW NOTHING little Liberal Boy spewing his Presidents silly Garbage and he for sure is not a Man.
Yep, the Muslim in the white Mosque has Radically got his Change and We the People are suffering.
Yep a noble peace prize will get obama as far as staying a night at a Holiday Inn Express.
Shut up jay corney you should be Ashamed of yourself for even working under that Traitor and Spewing his LIES for him, you will be Remembered for being a little Coward so now GO AWAY.
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