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Wrong! Your crowd rejected the 'civil union' that would have provided all of the same 'benefits' that marriage does. You wanted the word to be applied to your cohabitations so that you could pretend you are 'normal'. All of your agitations are to pursue the appearance of normality. You don't really care who bakes your cakes, takes your photos, or rents you a bed and breakfast. But you force people to provide you with those (and other) services so that you can claim to be 'just like everybody else', and as normal as the average citizen. You are not, and we all (including you) know it.
The government (the CDC) needed to get this strain of ebola into the country in order to 'harvest' it from infected people.
Now that James Brady has died, she is to be his replacement as an iconic government employee, brain-damaged in a public shooting, being manipulated by an anti-gun spouse.
Kerry has no authority (no government agent does) to agree to anything that impinges upn our Constitutional rights. Therefore, if his signature on the 'treaty' does cause a conflict in that way, his signature becomes invalid ... removing the conflict, entirely.
Obama WANTS for ISIS to have it's caliphate. Remember his 'no victors, no vanquished' line? We NEED this guy out of office ... the sooner the better.
Michelle's rear end is made to look wide by he clothes chosen and his habit of rounding his shoulders. When standing erect, all of the proportions match the clasic male physic.
" ... "If they hadn't made some many big, falsifiable promises," ... " They could never have found enough votes to pass the monstrosity.
" ... "it’s time to remove Obama from office. Now…before it’s too late. Before he gets us all killed." ... " It's one thing to say it, but what we need is to be told how that is going to be done ... and what WE need to do to help make it happen. Talk is cheap. What action is it going to be?
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Stop Calling It Marriage Equality

vietnamvet Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 12:11 PM
No, their relationship is abnormal, but they want to force society to recognize it as normal. The prostitute and the meth dealer may not make ideal parents, but they are capable of bieng parents .. and THAT is the normal reason for marriage. You gays don't really give a damn if your cohabitation is long term, short term, or accidental. You jusy want to force us to call it marriage so you can pretend you are normal. If the law MUST allow you to call it marriage, we can still differentiate between reproduction-based mariage and sodomy-based marriage. Where is the normal in that ... ?
I really don't know why Barack Obama spoke at this dedication. He does nothing of benefit to veterams, ever. He does nothing to engender respect for veterans, ever. He has no regard for the military, at all. Veterans have no wish to hear him speak, at all. Nothing he says will provide any beneficial impact on veterans. And, finally, the memorial was built with private funds, so Obama had nothing to do with it's creation. For my money, they would be better of erecting Barry-cades to keep him off of the premises.
Obama does (and says) un-American things because he is a non-American who is anti-American. Ahmed al-Ibrahim, advisor to Saudi roalty: “Every time that Obama had to choose between his enemies and his friends, he always chose his enemies,” he said. “We don’t know what he’s putting in his tea.”
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