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Budget Farce Suggests Term Limits Needed

vietnamvet Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 10:58 AM
Term limitations are in the voter's hand when he casts his ballot. All it requires is an educatewd voter who chooses the candidate that he believes will work for the nation's health. The Tea Party has said it all along ... "Take out the trash."
Gary 56 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 1:04 PM
vietnamvet speaks the truth. Unfortunately, a large majority of today's voters are studiously uneducated.

QUESTION: Where was the baby Jesus born ?
Low information voter's answer: Corinth (NY)

QUESTION: Where was Barhama born ?
Low information voter answer: Chicago

QUESTION: If 1 is followed by 2, and 2 is followed by 3, what follows 4 ?
Low information voter answer: Oprah reruns

QUESTION: Whose fault was the Korean War ?
Low information voter answer: Bush

QUESTION: Which Bush ?
Low information voter answer: King George Bush

QUESTION: Are you a college grad, and if so which college ?
Low information voter answer: YES; Harvard, Yale, Cornell; all three actually.

Sadly, term limits are not likely to happen.

Put simply, the fiscal cliff debate is an illustration of staggering political cowardice. Politicians of both parties are unwilling to ask voters to pay for all of the big government promises that they made on the campaign trail. They would rather risk the country's long term future than risk losing the next election.  As a former elected legislator, I can assure them that their offices are not worth the price they are asking us, the voters, to pay.

Big government is hugely expensive. Beyond the costs in money, the regulations and political intrusions of an all-controlling nanny-state government create economic disincentives....