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The Libertarian Response to Terrorism

vietnam6871 Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 7:30 AM
You missed the real issue - big time. The problem is Islam, not radical Islam. The 99% you mention have not and will not report on the 1%. That makes them even more complicit than the 1%. They want a one world caliphate and secretly enjoy what the 1% are doing. They do nothing to stop the destruction of churches and synagogues, the murders of Coptic Christians and Jews. There is no outrage in the Islamic communities. To do nothing in the face of evil is to be evil. P.S. It is substantially more than 1%.

I’ve received several variations of this question since starting my “Question of the Week” series. Having never studied the terrorism issue, I’ve been ignoring those queries.

But I got several new emails on the topic after what happened in Boston, so I’m answering simply to make one point. There’s no way to create a perfectly safe, risk-free society.

That being said – and with the caveat that I have no expertise in this field, here are some random thoughts on the topic.

Libertarians want less interventionism around the world, and perhaps that will reduce hostility against the...