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You need to take a history lesson, JFK was more conservative than Bush '41. If you do little research you will find JFK's policies a lot like Ronnie Reagan's. First two things he did in office was lower taxes and increase military spending.
Agreed, if they traded 5 foot soldiers, okay, but no way the 5 they traded for.
I'd say you homos suck, but that would be like calling the kettle black!
I was stationed at Keflavik, NAS on the Air Force Iceland side. If Navy chow is second, Army must be really bad!
Just call them what they are "f@ggits". Purposely spelled wrong.
She put her state above political 'BS'.
No it doesn't, it was poorly written.
Everybody's an "F"ing RINO. What a loser!
I sure as hell like our real estate taxes better than anywhere else in the US.
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