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'had he been "president'.
That's bull, at least McCain is a free market conservative. Had he been we would not have had an 18 trillion dollar deficit.
Well go ahead and support your libertarian and get Hilary and keep Harry Reid. Real intelligent!
Yep, bash Reagan and truly show how ignorant libertarians are! Libertarians want homos to marry, prostitution to be legal, and drugs legalized. I see nothing Christian in those stances!
Well, I'm sure you'll be happy with Hillary!
So, Ronald Reagan was a RINO, he gave us the first amnesty! You guys who don't vote, or vote for the libertarian, you're the ones who gave us Obama. Romney would have had the economy jumping like Reagan did.
You need to take a history lesson, JFK was more conservative than Bush '41. If you do little research you will find JFK's policies a lot like Ronnie Reagan's. First two things he did in office was lower taxes and increase military spending.
Agreed, if they traded 5 foot soldiers, okay, but no way the 5 they traded for.
I'd say you homos suck, but that would be like calling the kettle black!
I was stationed at Keflavik, NAS on the Air Force Iceland side. If Navy chow is second, Army must be really bad!
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