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I think the walthy should stop whining about paying a bit more in taxes. Considering what they have gotten away with the past 2 decades, it's a wonder they aren't being chased down ther street by a mob waving pitchforks.
Psssssst CH! Parker is preparing you for Obama's win. Just like many many conservative pundits are...from Buchanan to Prager to George Will. Not to mention GOP pollster Frank Luntz who just days ago said "I still predict Barack Obama is going to win, sadly"
We cannot continue to worship and define ourselves as a nation solely by a document written several hundred yrs ago.
A lot of working Amerians also support Obama. Blue collar. Raising young families. Church goers. College students. Military members. Intellectuals. Professionals. Stop your own demagogueing.
What do you call Fox News, talk radio, and TOWNHALL?
I think the support for Romney is almost nil in certain parts of the country....admittedly I live in a large city.
Dream on. These are over the phone polls.
You wont be taking away anything. You will be encircled, outnumbered and eventually destroyed.
Unemployment below 8% and dropping. The Mid East settling down after that brief flame-up by the tiresome usual suspects. More Americans telling pollsters they think the country is on the right track. (WasPo9/25) Obama is not the failure you imagine or have invented him to be. There is no "tax the rich" scheme...only a return to fair and just tax rates that ALREADY EXISTED in the 1990's....a time of boom I might add.
That siren has already begun wailing. All future socities on this planet will be socialist
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