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Poll: When In Doubt, Blame Republicans

VictoriaSecretModel Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 6:46 AM
It doesn't take a single THING besides money and lots of it to run for president like Bush did. He had NO sense of patriotism or ability to lead -- just HUBRIS. Yes, those who voted for him are to blame - at least the second time around when they should've known better. And yes, what Bush did in those 8 years HAS followed us into the Obama administration in the form of DEBT....debt from unfunded bonanzas to the Bush friends and sponsors: the Drug Industry, The Wealthiest and the defense contractors. Oh, yes...and the OIL INDUSTRY. The trillions in debt - including the amount Obama is blamed for by this Rethuglican Congress that helped Bush rack up so much debt - is ALL Bush blowback. You can't run away from that.

General rule of thumb, guys: No matter what the facts may demonstrate, it's probably Republicans' fault.  According to Pew Research, a plurality (49 percent) of Americans want Congress to delay the automatic spending cuts scheduled to kick in one week from tomorrow.  Forty percent say the cuts should move forward as planned.  If no deal is struck, almost half of those polled are prepared to pin the blame on Congressional Republicans, while less than a third would point the finger at the president:

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