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WOW. Yur a jeenyus!!
We don't hate the manufacturers, we hate YOU, shih tzu. And with very good reason.
You don't seem to mind that we paid $19 Billion in tax dollars for the mess the Rethugs created when they refused to raise the debt limit and pay the dam bills on money THEY spent -- so why whine now about goldfish? Especially since you HAVE to know that there is more to that story than what a paid hack from the Rethuglican stable of paid shills is trotting out there for you dumbos to gawp about.... Google how much we waste on interest accumulated from the credit rating downgrade brought to us by the rethuglicans in Congress and then come back and explain why you eat sh!t these clown stick in front of you, you friggin' idiot.
Well, if the shoe fits, dumbo, wear it. We're finding out daily that dumbos like you believe every bit of hysterical garbage that these paid Liberty College shills feed you -- and now we also know why: Because stupid arswholes live for fear and authoritarian bullies. You eat that sh!t up. There isn't logical thinking there or informed thought -- it's all about running around scared and sh!tting your pants for the fun of having some kind of manufactured way to hate on 'the other'. You know, everyone who isn't white, doughy, stupid and male, or white, trashy and female with an AK 47 slung over her pasty, fatassd arm.
I did read it, moron. How else did I find out all the garbage in the shill piece was sourced to wingnuts.
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Obama's "Pay to Play"

VictoriaSecretModel Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 4:16 PM
Hey, thanks, Citizen's United! Seems counterintuitive for the rethugs to suddenly take umbrage on this issue, dontcha think, Carol? Hypocrite.
Meh. Nobody is less popular than the Rethuglicans - monkey puke polls higher.
Currently Joe Biden is more popular than any rethuglican dumbo you clowns got out there. Must suck to know that the Dems you idiots whine the MOST about are increasingly more popular and find the public supporting them (they won the majority - a MANDATE - last November, remember) by significant margins on all issues -- ESPECIALLY closing loopholes on the wealthiest taxpayers and getting Big Oil out of the welfare game. Meanwhile, the rethugs are tanking. Limbaugher cheese is growing smellier and more ripe as his numbers molder and wither away (and his advertisers). Rove is being demonized within his own dumbo rethuglican zombie apocalypse. Coulter is getting hissed at by Liberfartians. And the Rethugs in Congress poll lower than baby snot.
Hah!! Since when does Cruella care about women's issues!! LOL.
Spunky aspires to Ben Shapiro's level of deception. Take an obvious joke and turn it into an offensively ignorant mallet used against Chuck Hagel by 'esteemed' Senators in the confirmation hearings. Yeah. That's today's stable of Rethuglican shills
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