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And during the same week a Judge in Texas ruled our Cheerleaders could use Biblical quotes on banners at games....wonder why this victory isn't included in the article.
Ted Cruz is hispanic also-Cuban same as Rubio-however, he is dead against amnesty
bad starting point rubio's amnesty destroyed any potus hopes he had.
The ONLY way to fix this bill is shred it, NO AMNESTY...PERIOD end of story. Rubio is a fool if he buys progressives will secure border-that lie has been told before. START over-BORDER security bill-proven & in effect ONCE illegals are stopped coming in & ones here deported we might talk about immigration reform without amnesty for illegals-who FYI are criminals.
actually the schools in texas that uses cscope is easily found, as well as ones like conroe isd that don't use it.
where I live in texas, there is more & more church affiliated private schools. this is awesome, class A education but keeps the all important social & athletic engagement.
Just a comment for those of you attacking Democrats in general-this is so wrong & self-defeating. Liberals walked out, not Democrats-they stayed & voted-& they mostly voted with the GOP. This was a very brave act, do you realize how vindictive Pelosi & the DNC will be towards them? With the attitude & snarly comments most of you are making how many Democrats do you think in the future will be willing to cross partylines & vote as Americans rather than Democrats? We should be thanking them not attacking. What these Democrats did was lend a legitimacy to this that was not present for a large percentage of Americans that do not stay up on everything. Prior to the brave vote by these Democrats yesterday the liberals were able to spin.
I guess you did NOT do any research before you ran your mouth. The Liberal branch of the Democrat party is a disgrace but it is stupid to attack all Democrats when many of them bravely & it damn sure was brave crossed party lines to vote to hold Holder in contempt both civil & criminal. They will be made to pay dearly by the DNC. You should be applauding these Representatives instead of attacking-they gave a legitimacy to this whole quest, Libs can no longer spin as a partisan attack.
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