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Obama Pimps Planned Parenthood to High School Kids

Victoria42 Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 12:58 PM
I think it's how abstinence is taught that determines its effectiveness. You have to give kids information, not just tell them that they shouldn't have sex until married, but if they do, use a condom. Communication is key. Nobody advocates occupying kids bedrooms, but teaching them to have healthy respect for themselves and others, as well as knowledge of sex and all that it entails is essential. From what my 17 year old tells me, the sex ed in schools these days is really just 'how to' information.

It is not news to Townhall readers that Planned Parenthood is an avid supporter of President Obama, the big money abortion business is even running advertisements to support his re-election campaign. Planned Parenthood also had heavy role in pushing for the contraception mandate in ObamaCare and even had more power than Supreme Court precedent on the issue when it came to Obama and Health and Human Sevices Secretary Kathleen Sebelius making a decision about whether to include the mandate in ObamaCare. Now, President Obama is pimping Planned Parenthood and birth control to....Oyster River High School students in New...