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Well, I'm disappointed in Charisma. His verbage is perhaps a little rougher around the edges than I would have used, but nevertheless, everything he said is true. They've certainly run plenty of controversial columns up until now without backing down. What got into them? I see the dhimmies (sp)on Huffpost are trashing both Charisma and Cass and cuddling up to islam as we speak. Cass is being accused of calling for genocide against muslims. Guess these people are incapable of discerning the difference between wiping out an entire race of people and using violence against our enemies who have clearly stated they intend to come here and kill us and clearly proven they have no qualms about committing genocide on anyone and everyone that they don't like.
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When Science Points To God

Victoria161 Wrote: Oct 20, 2013 8:36 PM
I believe Mr. D'Souza is demonstrating just how silly the billboards are. Successfully, I might add. They show the emptiness of atheism. They leave the reader dangling with no hope, nothing and no one to turn to, should their lives be in shambles and their hearts downtrodden.. A billboard displaying a Bible verse offers the reader all the hope in the universe. Even a billboard that simply says, "Jesus loves you." offers immeasurable hope to the hurting. Atheists seem to have an obsession with running any mention of the God of the Bible out of the country. There's a reason for that. No one likes being confronted daily with proof of the foolishness of their argument. The brilliance of the world's top scientists is nothing but foolishness to Almighty God. He laughs. He laughs at their efforts to run Him out of every part of our lives. Oh, they may succeed in bringing about the squelching of some, even many, of our religious freedoms. They may even eventually succeed in driving Him out of America completely, or at least American culture and government (for which they will be supremely and everlastingly sorrowful). But what they don't understand is that they can never run Him out of a true Believer's heart. The Church of Jesus Christ will grow by leaps and bounds, not only in spite of, but because of, all of their sad efforts to squash it and shut it down. They are defeating their own purpose. As someone else has said, the Church of Jesus Christ has worn out many an anvil." Another thing they just don't get is that the Church is not a building. The Church is those of us who love God. It isn't just a clever saying that the God of the Universe lives, abides, in our hearts, inside our very beings. It is the absolute Truth. It's because of the power of the Holy Spirit. But this is something that is spiritually discerned. It's impossible for an atheist to understand. You want Truth, Dear Atheists? You want to know if truth really exists, if there are any absolutes. You've just been given truth. True Believers are absolutely sure that the Creator lives and reigns and that He came to earth to pay the price that we could never pay for our sins. You can accept that and seek out what this means for yourself, or you can reject it and go your way. But nevertheless, it stands, and it stands forever.
The Jews are too busy raising honest and decent families, working, educating themselves, inventing things for the betterment of mankind, and coming up with the cures for diseases to have time to even think of doing the things that their enemies do. The only way they disappoint me is in the majority of America Jews remain supporters of Obama, for which I can think of no explanation other than some kind of spiritual blindness. But it's changing. And I remain a supporter of Israel and always will be.
Good luck with that.
I read that Mr. Weinstein has a particular grudge against Christians because his sons were supposedly teased by Christians when they were in the military. If that is indeed true, then perhaps it would make more sense for him to seek apologies from those that did such, as that is bullying and no Christian should ever do it under any circumstances. But to take it out on all Christians in the military and attempt to rid our forces of all Christian influence is unAmerican and unconstitutional.
I would like to ask Mikey Weinstein what David meant when he said these words to Goliath in 1Samuel 17:45. If he could answer that question, perhaps it would enlighten him as to why Scriptures were placed inside rifles, and how it might be wise not to remove them. "David said to the Philistine, "You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel". Does Mr. Weinstein really think a Scripture inside a rifle can cause our military to look like maniacal Christian crusaders? We are talking about an enemy will that will remove our heads for us if we don't handle their holy book to their liking. I read that Mr. Weinstein has a particular grudge...
Thank you, Doug. Very good column.
Today, atheists and homosexuals and their supporters are busily tweeting away with their vile hate-filled remarks toward Pastor Rick Warren in his hour of grief. The moment I heard of the terrible tragedy that has befallen the Warren family, the thought went through my mind that he would now be attacked publicly by the same people who are trying to convince us that they are just normal, loving folks who deserve the special right of marrying someone of the same sex and changing the definition of marriage and the structure of the family unit forever. I am so very grateful to the homosexuals and atheists who have once again proven our points. In reality, we don't even need to continue to defend our position. They do it themselves.
If that isn't gobbledeegook, than I have never heard it. How can Carney use that many words to say absolutely nothing? Amazing.
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