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Republicans Equal Vegetables; Democrats Equal Dessert

Victor64 Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 12:01 PM
Ann-Marie Murrell: Yes & NO! Truth of the matter is that DEMOCRAT EQUALS MARXISM(ANTI-CHRIST) & the DEVIL & REPUBICANS EQUAL DREAMERS, or people that wish the Democrats were not evil! Only because that's the 70%er's & Super-Majority that run our country into the debt of hell. Just saying...

Almost every time I turn on Fox News, some random Republican is talking about deficit spending, tax codes, beneficiary information and all the technical aspects of Obamacare and the economy—while over on CNN and MSNBC, Democrats are grunting their usual (insipid) mantras:  “Hope, Good! Forward, Good!  Republicans--BAD!”

I first started noticing our extreme differences in messaging this March when I attended the Road to Repeal Rally in DC. 

We were all assembled on the steps of the Supreme Court building.  On one side were the ‘unicorns and rainbow’ union sheep—accompanied by a bongo player, no less--marching around in circles...

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