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Archaeologists from the 22nd Century Ponder the Death of California

Victor64 Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 9:49 AM
Here's the REAL DEAL: I can't recall it's name, but there is an earthquate fault line that goes down over land all the way through America that will rupture and CALIFORNIA is UNDER WATER AND THOSE LIVING IN ARIZONA WILL HAVE OFEAN FRONT PROPERTY! I FEEL THAT THIS WILL OCCUR THIS SUMMER/FALL. It's called part of "Jacob's trouble" in the Hebrew-inspired set-apart Scriptures! Did I mention that Barak Obama is the ONLY "forbidden foreigner" over u.s. of Deuteronomy 17:15 and the ONLY NON-ANGLO-SAXON OVER U.S. in Isreal's 6,000 year HISTORY? Duh! Yes, a WOMAN began man's age and NOW WOMEN are ending man's age through the SAME PROCESS: "INTELLECTUALIZING, i.e., FIRST SIN!" Just saying...WATCH!
Louie13 Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 7:09 PM
Victor, I am unaware of it being foretold in the Bible, which is Jewish prophecy, prophecy that God gave to the Jews concerning the Jews and their nation, but it is foretold in the Catholic prophecies and has been foreseen in prophetic dreams, which are actual views of a future event, and some of these dreams put you right there as it is happening . The Earthquake you describe will occur this year, 2012.

And it will be triggered by an asteroid which will strike the earth in an ocean, an event which is referred to as "the first strike of God's fulminating sword", which will shake the earth and trigger earthquake disasters that will be especially catastrophic to America--that is when the big one will occur in California and elsewhere.
meangene2 Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 12:24 AM
Can I try some of your koolaid!!!!!

Even though Chuck Asay is one of my favorite cartoonists (see herehereherehere, and here), I was not a big fan of one of his recent two-frame cartoons.

But he has more than made up for that slight...

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