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UN Needs to Declare Earth Asteriod Free Zone

Victor56 Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 12:12 PM
I like the asteroid resolution ... There is a region in France that passed a law, sometime in the 1800's, prohibiting UFO's from landing in their vineyards (true story) ... To commemorate this 'event', a wine company from California bottles a wine under the label,"Le Cigar Volant". Apparently, previous sightings in that area were of UFO's that were cigar-shaped ... Anyway, the law must have worked, because they never experienced a UFO landing in their vineyards ...

Conservatives dislike big government. Liberals dislike big business.
Let's find common ground.
When big business gets in bed with big government, the baby is ugly.

Gun violence is down over time. Mass shootings are down over time. But the authoritarian mindset cannot let bloodshed go to waste. They will come after your rights at any opportunity, and this is an opportunity.

It's up to us whether the freedom grab stands or drives a reaction and change.

If Puritanism is the fear that someone, somewhere might be having fun, then liberalism is the fear...