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I hope the guy that thought Guam would tip over is on the list.
Aside from the "comfort" issue (which, as I remember, was part of the purpose of college, to step out of the comfort zone of childhood) ... there is absolutely no logic to this. 42% of abortions are on African American children. African Americans comprise 17-19% of the population ..... so wouldn't that mean that those that support abortion are actually closer to white supremacists?
Not sure I agree on her being at the top of the ticket (experience and contacts were still lacking for the big chair), but she certainly deserved a better running mate than McCain.
Scaremongering is certainly high on the list of reasons ..... that and his apparent deliberate attempts to make Americans "hurt" from the sequester. Yeah, that's what Americans want, to be punished! Sheesh.
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Student Suspended After Disarming Gunman

Vicki68 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 7:45 PM
Wow .... heros used to receive an award for bravery, now they get suspended. How illogical can we as a society be? I continue to find it interesting that school administrators must have graduate degrees yet, because of zero tolerance policies, they are not allowed to actually use those over-educated brains.
Sometimes Beckel is completely out to lunch ... talk about out of touch.
Candy Crowley was a mistake ... ya think? The moderator intervened and erroneously gave the point to Obama. That's not a mistake, it's deliberate manipulation of the debate. She should have been fired from CNN for her poor representation of her network and FINED and publicly RIDICULED for what she did. Instead, she got to schmooze on the View.
He talks down to reporters that ask real questions and don't slobber on his or the President's shoes.
And she was black, as well .... so he's a racist too.
LOL What did you expect from a state that thinks young women in peril are too hysterical to carry a gun for protection?
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