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To Unborn Son No. 2

vicki19 Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 11:58 AM
Has it really ben two years since I first was able to congratulate you and your wife on the birth of your first child? How lucky I feel to know of the soon to be birth of the second. God Bless! Psalm 127:3-5
My little guy,

In just a day or so, but certainly before the end of this next week, you will be here, your mother will be exhausted from the process 40 weeks has taken on her, and I will be thrilled to give thanks for the blessing that a second healthy baby boy can mean to a father's heart. Because of that I feel it's important that I speak into your life, even from this vantage point of you not yet being here. I would not do so if I did not feel that the days you are being...

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