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Mr. Goldberg, you miss the point. There is a big difference between Obama and Holder wanting police officers killed, and Obama and Holder speaking irresponsibly. I believe Obama and Holder do share in the blame because of their irresponsible rhetoric, even though they may not wish officers dead. These men have to know the effect of their words on the aimless and misguided victicrats they represent. But they don't seem to care. You are too easy on them.
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My Column Ends, But the Questions Don't

Vicki129 Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 10:42 AM
Ever since your 2009 column, "Who Attacked Our Economy? Why Does No One Care?", you have been one of my heroes. But even more enlightening have been your columns exposing the "enemies within" the upper echelon of our own government - from Communists decades ago to Islamists today. Why is no one else writing about these things?! Thank you for all you've done and will continue to do.
I agree that Romney may well have won the 2012 election if not for massive fraud. (Even with the fraud, I think he may have pulled out a win if not for Obama's uncanny luck with regard to the timing of hurricane Sandy.)
I would love for you to be right when you say that studies show negligible fraud in elections of the recent past. But conservative heavyweights like John Fund, J. Christian Adams, and Thomas Sowell say otherwise. One serious study estimated that these days fraud gives Democrats an 8% to 10% advantage! And it appears we are one of few Western countries, if not the only one, that doesn't require ID at the polls. I simply find it hard to swallow that any citizen who wishes to vote doesn't possess the proper ID. ID is so easy to obtain! And people need it for many different day-to-day transactions. Not to mention the corruption of our current DOJ, wherein Eric Holder has refused to prosecute voter fraud cases. So we can't even depend upon law enforcement to hinder the problem. Indeed, it wouldn't surprise me if the DOJ were complicit in today's voter fraud. The biggest problem I have with your argument is that I cannot wrap my head around a majority of Minnesota voters having fairly elected Al Franken! ;-)
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Capitalism and Climate Change

Vicki129 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 12:25 AM
Memo to Chapman: Man-made climate change has been debunked. It's a lie, a hoax, an unconscienable manipulation of the global populace. Real satellite data contradicts the predictions of the climate models. That means we have nothing to worry about, that is, except the ignorance of those who still buy into this horse menure hook, line, and sinker. Write about what you know. Leave the climate alarmism to columnists who are informed on the issue.
Israel's misdeeds?! You may be right that Millennials will stand against Israel. But it won't be because Palestinians deserve their sympathy, nor is it due to the holocaust being something they've merely read about in history books. Rather, it is because they've been thoroughly brainwashed by morally bankrupt radical leftist college professors. Israel can't survive by caving on so-called settlements nor by fighting politically correct wars. Israel must do whatever it takes to defend itself. Millennials be damned.
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Stop the Fear Mongering

Vicki129 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 10:28 AM
If the drug trade caused the influx of Central American children to our border, then why did this problem arise just after President Obama unilaterally (and unconstitutionally) enacted the Dream Act? The drug trade has been around for a long time. This problem is barely a year old. Mental discipline and good reasoning come in large part from learning to logically attribute cause and effect, not from grasping at any available argument that might lend some credence in the minds of the ill-informed to your woefully biased point of view.
Maybe Chief Justice John Roberts did us a big favor in putting this abomination of a law on life support. If he'd pulled the plug on it, we never would have heard the end of it from the Dems and their media. They'd try the same stew, different recipe, again and again until they got it "right." But now it's here, dying of its own fatally flawed conception with all of us looking on - Democrats and Republicans alike. Maybe, just maybe, that will be the end of it. Well, I can wish....
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Obamacare in Need of a Doctor

Vicki129 Wrote: Oct 21, 2013 9:43 PM
Mr. Gerson, are you saying that the main drawback of the ACA is the website design?! How about the future of our nation's health care? How about a presidential ambition, to destroy the best things about this country, that still goes unnoticed or disbelieved by most voters? Including, apparently, you!
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