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ALL of it.. I'll have to watch the out takes cause I wont be watching it live.. can't stomach his BS anymore..
total lies.. 8 million jobs.. and how many have been lost ?.. high paying jobs that have been lost.. if there have been so many jobs created then why isn't the number of people on food stamps decreasing ?, why does the FED still comment to the weak job market ? weak economy ?.. they can lie all they want wont make it any better.. people use to believe the earth was flat,, how'd that work out for them ?
they don't any specifics. they can't name ONE thing that the currant admin has done to improve the economy. Look at Detroit, run by into the ground since the 60s by WHO,, liberal socialists welfare mongers,
you never hear from the enviro wacko liars about the billions of gallons of water needed in the over production of corn for ethanol, that is a very poor form of energy. The Ogallala aquifer is being depleted at an alarming rate all in the name of "saving the environment"..
the deaths of 4 Americans is JUST a talking point ?,,one of the most disrespectful statements I have ever .. rice should be ashamed. but then one would have to have class ..
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And They Called Me Pure Evil

vicatman Wrote: Dec 08, 2013 4:58 AM
the so called clinton budget surplus is all smoke and mirrors. How do you have a budget surplus and the debt increase EVERY year under clinton. The federal debt is divided into two the public debt and the intergovernmental debt (mainly money taken by congress from SS) ever year of the supposed budget surplus the intergovernmental increased,, the ole rob peter to pay paul. It's all a lie.
how can they possibly believe BOcare isn't a total failure. It was never meant to succeed, it was meant to fail cause and millions to lose their healthcare and be forced into the exchanges at a much higher price. I know they are like a bunch of rats and bo is the pied piper but they show their total ignorance to the real world..
she must not be from Texas to make a statement like that,,
that wasn't a slam just a slap on the wrist. should have been much worse..
SOO if you are a small minority of Americans ,, you just DON'T count.. that's what he is saying..
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