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Obama isnt trying to help a damn thing, there isn't one policy obozo has signed or mandated by executive order that has helped the country. You cant name one program, BOcare is 2nd biggest fraud jammed down the throats of the American people. The number one fraud obama himself, the VERY WORST MOST DISTRUCTIVE president ever. The First Anti-American president in history.
The ONLY reason the deficit APPEARS to be shrinking is the huge increase in tax revenue. Period, anybody that believes otherwise, is totally uninformed, which pertains to, ohh 99% of leftist socialists
Best way to slam a liberal, KNOW THE TRUTH, because they DON'T, and wouldn't tell it IF they did
The hell has he been smokin
obamsis the pied piper and dems are the rats
People can't be surprised this happened
Obozo has the gaul or just plain stupidity to say the world is more peaceful more tolerant, meanwhile Iraq is under siege by radicial forces, but we shouldn't call them terrorist. Still NO action by the WH. The action seems to have caught them off guard ? Where the hell is the intelligence community????
Reid needs to be put in gitmo
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