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Joycey, unless they are a WASP, then discrimination is mandatory.
MOT Amen and of course it is a violation or his rights. But the homofascists will brook no opposition.
That, R Jeremy, depends entirely on why that person was denied. FEX if a black millionaire (and there are plenty of them) is denied the ability to buy a house wherever he can afford to live then there is a denial of civil rights. However if a poor black person (just to use an example) is denied a house in the ritzy portion of town 'cause he cannot afford it no violation has occurred. Let him buy where his means take him. I rent. I rent from a wealthy black man. So what? Equating racial discrimination with not wishing to live next to people who are practicing something destructive is a fool's game.
riw, here's another one, if homosexuality is genetic, how do you explain bisexuals?
BTW this (adultery is legal) is an example of progressivism in action. You got what you wanted there and the consequences are evil But hey blame the other people for what you set in motion. See barry0 playin the lyre.... while America and the world burns.
to commiecrat homofascists like you a pig is a boy is a dog.
George, you really should read the Bible on this subject. I have the opinion, not proof mind, that those who do good without knowing God get into heaven. Those who do evil without knowing God get kicked to the curb. The worse case is knowing God and not doing good....
Really? Are you saying that there are no natural consequences for practicing sodomy? No natural consequences for practicing rampant promiscuity? For practicing abortion and infanticide at rates that would make moloch fat?
Yep the red stripe on that rainbow flag is the one that is dominant. Barber mentions the night of the long knives. I wonder how many homofascists know who perped the night of the long knives?
The south end of a north bound donkey puts out the usual product...
No one may mention the incidence of violence and STDs in homosexual relationships. Sure they exist in heterosexual relationships too. But they happen more often in homosexual relationships.
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