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what would you do? what could work here?
So what is your strategy? and how do you solve the middle east hot mess of confusion? Think we are all open to some ideas, let's hear them, PLEASE!
poor christians, so picked on.
I appreciate this article, especially as a bleeding heart liberal who reads this blog to try to understand all perspectives. I don't believe that that many parents are all that scared of sanctions. I'm remember when my children challenged me that they would call the authorities I offered to dial the phone for them and I learned very early on that hitting my children was not going to accomplish my ultimate goal as a parent. I think this father's tactic was great and I think its also great that the police office actually showed up (that is not to say I think hitting twelve year olds is effective but I'm not judging his household). And there is a monumental difference between taking a hand to a child's butt to correct a behavior they have already been warned about and picking up weaponry to attack a body much, much smaller than you - Adrian Peterson damaged his son's scrotum, that is not discipline, that is assault.
are you offering any solutions? everyone knows its a hot mess, how can we fix it?
so what's the plan for those who will continue to have abortions? Close down the clinics but it just moves into the back alleys but I suspect that is your plan. Ban knitting needles? Black Cohosh can only be gotten by presciption? Remove stairwells so a woman doesn't throw herself down? Mandatory pregnancy tests to make sure you are in control of each woman's uterus? And what will you do to women who avoid your christian-sharia law? lock them up? that's working in El Salvador. Just curious as to what your legal remedies will be?
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Internet Gambling Ban a Losing Bet

vfleischer Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 8:26 AM
hey! this bleeding heart liberal totally agrees! see! we do have things in commong
redneck is perjorative
I would be one of those left wing people and not only do I agree with you but I greatly appreciate your perspective on this and agree with you. I hope this will begin a dialogue on the violence in the home.
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Feminism: Still Considered Man-Hating

vfleischer Wrote: May 23, 2014 8:17 AM
wow, as a second generation feminist and the mother of 4 daughters who think of themselves as feminists (as well as sons) and surrounded by women as friends and co-workers who think of themselves as feminists, I've never had similar conversations as you claim we do.
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