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redneck is perjorative
I would be one of those left wing people and not only do I agree with you but I greatly appreciate your perspective on this and agree with you. I hope this will begin a dialogue on the violence in the home.
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Feminism: Still Considered Man-Hating

vfleischer Wrote: May 23, 2014 8:17 AM
wow, as a second generation feminist and the mother of 4 daughters who think of themselves as feminists (as well as sons) and surrounded by women as friends and co-workers who think of themselves as feminists, I've never had similar conversations as you claim we do.
wow. I'm a little stunned by that. no response to my point but just call me pathetic, hmmmmm. interesting.
wow, you are counting my posts. yes I'm hit and run and sorry I don't pass your approval. I check out this site because I'm curious as to what people are thinking. I don't consider myself a dem or rep. find both parties rather pathetic. But I do find it sad that there is so little willingness to actually communicate and exchange ideas. My goal is always to find something I can agree with when people want to talk and not just shout either other down with insults.
no war on women, right. you keep telling yourselves that.
golly, I'm a liberal feminist, raised by liberals feminists (yes, my father is a feminist). my partner is a liberal feminist (male), my children are liberal feminists (boys and girls), my friends are all liberal feminists (and I have a large circle of friends). I live in a neighborhood full of liberal feminists and these "ideas" are all new to me.
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How to Win the Assisted-Suicide Debate

vfleischer Wrote: Nov 26, 2013 5:06 PM
one to cite your source on that? and sarah palin doesn't count, or is it more fun to just make this stuff up?
prostitutes don't deserve health insurance? what a mean, cold bunch of people most of you are.
wow, this group is generally a very mean bunch of people. but you probably sleep very well at night, enjoying your superiority.
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