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Unreal: Obamas' Dog Arrives on Own Flight for Martha's Vineyard Vacation

VeteranSFC Wrote: Aug 18, 2013 3:21 PM
The only solution to this is impeachment - I urge everyone to write to their man or woman in the House of Representatives and begin the process of impeachment now. I have already let my congressional representatives know that I feel this would be the primary exercise of their responsibility and duty to the people. Please urge your congressman or congresswoman to set this process into motion when they come back from recess. This has to stop, the people can no longer live under the rule of this feckless despot and his family!
President Obama is officially on vacation with his family in Martha's Vineyard but apparently, there just wasn't enough room on 4,000 square feet of Air Force One for their dog Bo. Naturally, the dog was put on a separate flight.

Rooms have to be found for dozens of Secret Service agents, someone has to carry a selection of presidential basketballs, and of course the family dog needs his own state-of-the-art aircraft.

Arriving in the idyllic coastal retreat of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, Mr Obama left behind him in Washington DC high profile debates over the budget, government surveillance...