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North Korea Has Nuke Delivery System and Nuke Payloads

VeteranSFC Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 8:55 AM
There are those who will not believe that North Korea is trouble until they manage to nuke someone. There are also those who will not believe that North Korea will sell any weapon they possess to anyone else - both are ignorant of fact and history.

North Korea: For the record. International astronomers and space watchers report that the North Korean satellite is in orbit, but continues to tumble. Other than North Korean assertions that it is a weather satellite, its purpose is unconfirmed because the satellite does not appear to be functioning.

Comment: Several commentators today remarked that North Korea has no delivery system for delivering a nuclear warhead. It's not clear what planet these people are on, but the No Dong is Pakistan's Ghauri is Iran's Shahab -3. All are nuclear capable.