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Actually, there is no room in New York for people like Andrew Cuomo. Literally millions of people have left New York since he became governor, and now they are crying about the loss of revenue. The latest ploy these progressive dorks have come up with is they will give any new startup business in New York State a ten year tax exemption. That tells you that so many businesses have been moving out of New York that they are really hurting. Guess what happens in year eleven of your business under this administration? His political pandering knows no bounds.
More prattle from the asylum. These people have no intention of peaceful relations with the South, but if they did, all they have to do is simply surrender and agree to disarmament unilaterally. Put your money where your mouth is, Kim. If you really wish to have a reunified Korea, accept that you lost back in 1952 and beg forgiveness for starting the war in the first place. The South and the US are not the ones who are to blame for the current state of affairs on the Korean peninsula.
The man has managed to garner for himself two stellar achievements First he is without doubt the worst president to ever reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and second, he is also the most inept Commander in Chief of all time. I think his record will go unchallenged on both counts for decades if not centuries. He makes Nero of Rome look like a model of efficiency and a master of tactics.
Of course they will - none of them has ever served in the military, and this man's incompetence has been covered up since he went to college as a foreign exchange student. That is one big reason his academic records have been sealed since day one - he started out committing one fraud after another so at this point in time for him it is like falling off a log. He does it in his sleep.
Obama's support is the kiss of death for all democrats. It is a beautiful thing!
People like her are going to ruin Texas. The liberals have plans to move to cities in all the conservative states and take over the electoral votes by invasion. First they rail on and on about how they had conservative views, then they move in to establish a foothold and then they settle in where they can do the most harm. This is how Europe was invaded by the Muslims, and they have ruined those countries to the point that sharia law is recognized over and above those nation's previous legal judicial systems. This is how they destroy conservatism - overtake and overwhelm.
I think that was a misprint - I think they meant to say "impeachable waste".
Where were you this past Christmas?
Or is that more meat that you want to lay eyes on - and that's just her arms!
Which end did they photograph?
She must think those fat arms look good. Remember when they tried to pass them off as being muscular? That ain't muscles.
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