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Best Foot Forward?

VeteranSFC Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 7:56 AM
Nice copy/paste there, el stupido. This same load of raw sewage was posted on another thread here, and I suspect it will be found on more. There is no thought in anything this fool says - he's like a robot on an assembly line plugging in components, and he has no idea what the finished product is - he only knows put this comment into every thread opened on a given day. He is only interested in propagating this virus, not in the suffering it causes the body. Flag all of his comments, every time they show up.
Our large cruise ship sailed within view of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a gathering of conservatives sponsored by National Review magazine considered the wreckage of the 2012 election. Most of the writers and commentators on board agreed with Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition that the last thing conservatives need to do now is to form a "circular firing squad." But lessons must be learned.

Was Mitt Romney, as some suggested, "our best foot forward" -- a highly intelligent, photogenic, generous, public-spirited, articulate man of great integrity whose loss can only be chalked up to the poor judgment...