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And that is exactly what prevented Romney from winning. I know. Interviewed the religious right. They objected to the Mormon faith. They stayed home. They did not do what was right for the country. Ron Paul's group also refused to vote for Romney. Again, they did not do what was right for the country. Each group wanted their own star. Meanwhile democrats have destroyed our country.
What nobody understands is that we know what democrats want to do with our country, but republicans not wanting to show their cards nor slip up, have not put out a clear plan. We know what they don't like, but because the party is split on issues, voters are on the fence. Our country is split in half and more polarized since Obama. That was his plan. Make everybody hate each other. That way centralized government takes over and there is only one voice. HIS.
What isn't mentioned here is that NOT labeling it terrorism, greatly impacted those families hurt by that event. I am talking benefits. So the government is not only making a farce of that event, but doing so on the cheap.
Had a visit last night with a small business owner. She was notified her insurance premium will increase by 20 percent. So to lower that premium, she would need to take on more of the risk, or just don't get medical care unless absolutely necessary. Last week another friend that works for the public sector really got slammed this year. Her yearly out of pocket doubled. No more dental either. Those of us with basic math skills knew Obamacare was going to cost a lot. I recently attended a seminar where we were told 20 percent will pay for 80 percent.
I think the recent remarks that Obama has such a small inner circle and thus no competing viewpoints is right on. It is down to Val only now. It is made worst by Obama that believes he knows best on all issues. I just don't see him ever listening to the other side. His belief system is firmly in place. Even facts or proof of a poor policy will not budge him.
Back during the Walker recall election, a black GM worker and her family were featured on PBS. Her husband had worked for GM, but took disability and stayed home with their two girls. The mother had to work at a distant GM plant and thus felt the stress of living away from home. I am familiar with that scenario myself. Anyway, she told her daughters that republicans refuse to help people in need because they believe people should pull themselves up by the bootstraps. Her child asked what that meant. The mon explained going it alone. She explained most people can't go it alone. Government handouts was another form of income to her that she fully felt she needed. Government isn't a charity, it has become a permanent source of income to millions that believe they cannot fix their troubles. Government fixes all that. What she doesn't get is that others are paying taxes so she can permanently receive those benefits. That help is from taxpayers that never volunteered to pay her way. Charity is different in that those givers volunteer to give. I have no problem with that agreed deal.
While there are many real reasons that having a child may not be timely, the fact is an abortion is a medical procedure that kills an infant. Period. You don't get a second chance to have that child later on. If a mother is feeling guilty for aborting her child, she should. There is all sorts of birth control measures today, free of charge, and yet women by the many hundreds of thousands get pregnant and abort their children. Many have multiple abortions. Where is our conscience on this issue?
While I agree with Huck that marriage is between a man and woman, that ship has sailed. The reason it is wildly accepted now is because so many families have a gay member and they want that member to be happy. So the gay issue became personal. I do think couples that have made a commitment to each other should have legal rights. Now many gays are having children that definitely needs protection. I think we are experimenting with our families which will turn out poorly. We are raising way too many kids without both genders. This includes divorces that often leave the mom to raise the kids. I think making this an issue now is stupid. We have so many life threatening issues to deal with.
I have worked in HR for several big companies. This was some years ago. I know then what pay was for clerks, secretaries, engineers, quality assurance, managers, etc. pay was determined not by gender, except often to fill a job, but by experience. Often women were given a job they didn't qualify for, but to open the door. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. I saw women with power and a good salary. I saw secretaries making very high wages with lots of power. I have had several women doctors. Few worked full time. They wanted families. So if you compare these wages using an average combined wage, they will fall short of their men counterparts.
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What About Bobby Jindal?

verycold Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 11:02 PM
The real issue is that dynamic leaders are rare. The voters twice elected a man with very few accomplishments. Obama was not a standout attorney. He wasn't even average. As a community agitator he was nothing special. As a legislator he wrote nothing. He had zero executive experience. What was all the fuss about? He wrote best selling books about himself. He could give good speeches although his early speeches were much more believable. He is a handsome man that can articulate well, unless he chooses to sound hip. No military experience and yet put in charge as commander in chief. Why was he elected twice? It is time to tale the office of the POTUS seriously and not some celebrity status.
A public union member's wife got a big surprise with their healthcare policy this month. No more dental except the office visit. Yearly out of pocket doubled from 5,000 to 10,000. They can only use one hospital. So she will need to pick which doctors she keeps. Obama was asked recently by a voter if premiums will stop going up. Obama blamed the man for not knowing how to buy the best plan. It was so dismissive.
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