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It is funny. I believe Obama has been intent on any strategy nit like Bush. Obama looks down his nose at nearly everybody, but especially the Bush family. I also now do agree Obama does blame the US for the mess in that region. However, he greatly added to it by happily taking out Mubarak and Qaddafi. He was lucky the military saved Egypt, at least for now, but Libya is a huge mess. Obama thinks if he has Europe behind him, that means the decision making process is legitimate and sound. That is utter nonsense. This is a religious war whether Obama and his progressives admit it or not. It is dangerous that Obama is defending Islam. Where are the moderates of that loving religion? Crickets....
I work with college students. They never complain to me that they lack access to birth control. Most don't want children, a sign of the times. What is interesting now is that young women can see what a fetus looks like very early on and can no longer be conned into thinking that the unborn baby is just a bunch of cells. Technology has shown a light on that lie. My grand nephew looked like his mom at 3 mos and still does. Abortion is morally wrong. Hopefully someday women will realize killing their children is wrong and a decision they will someday regret. 40percent of households are run by single women. That is who votes for democrats wanting big government to take care of them. For all the help, that number keeps rising. The problem is lack of family values.
First, he still cannot bring himself to call the enemy radical Islamic terrorists. Second, it is a lie we are now more safe under his policies. Third, just a month ago,he sneered and was haughty about the prospects of arming Syrian rebels as only doctors, pharmacists, etc. Now Obama insists they have been vetted. Coalition? Nonsense. Who is dropping the bombs? He is incompetent, stubborn, and endangering the entire world. Oh, no boots on the ground? Americans, hundreds, are there in harm's way, not including all the pilots.
If a black is a republican, that person isn't black enough. I guess if a Latino is a republican they too cannot measure up according to democrats. It is like they were born misfits. Unreal. I would die of embarrassment if I said such slanderous, racists remarks.
Women today are all about choice. If they want to abort their baby, they feel empowered to do so. If they want to post nude photos they just can. If they pick an abusive partner, it is their choice. What is never measured is the quality of the decision
The ads for business start ups in NY, which have been going on fir years now, seem very unfair to current businesses that may be struggling themselves. So they are giving huge breaks to start ups, but who pays then? Yup, those that have had to hang on through this recession.
Well prepare to move. BTW, good luck finding a better run country. Lord knows I've tried. The issue is the double taxation from the feds and sometimes the state that never lets go and the loss of medicare. Pretty significant headwinds.
The majority of abortions are performed on minorities. So this woman is desperately wanting to kill more minorities.
Back a few years, I saw many photos of those school choices which looked disgusting. It was only a matter of time before the kids fought back and refused that slop.
The issue from the start regarding terrorism is that Obama wanted voters to believe his approach to quell terrorism was to not call it that, knock out a few leaders with drones, and treat the matter as a law enforcement issue, not a war as such. He also felt if he gathered a consensus from Europe that would make his way of thinking correct rather than any position Bush ever had. So Obama spied on his pals and told them little. It is being reported another American has been beheaded. I wonder if Obama is going to announce this horrendous event and follow it up with golf.
Obama with respect to foreign policy, feels secure, validated if he can get Europe to sign on. It makes the military event legitimate. So even if the invasion was a flop, as is the case in Libya, Obama can hide behind Europe and that legitimacy. Obama hates Bush and has been determined to show the world he could lead doing the exact opposite of Bush he most definitely looks down at. Now we see the opposite is actually worse. Do you think Obama has privately realized that? Nah.
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