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A family member is due in a few weeks. At about 4 mos she sent me a pic of her little one in the womb. It was amazing how perfect he looked even then. He seems to have her chin. Anyway, I showed the pic to some college students. They were amazed how this fetus looked so complete. It made an impression. I understand having a baby is a lifelong decision and it is often about timing. However, the fact is that fetus is a baby. Period. Democrats can pretend it just isn't so, but technology is getting so good that I think women will be forced to realize the unborn isn't just a bunch of cells. Also for illogical reasons, many never realized that those aborted fetuses get thrown out in the trash. It is amazing how one political party has been so good at brainwashing the young into thinking this is just a woman's issue. I believe it takes two. If you are going to kill, you should have a picture of what you plan to kill. Ever see Juno. She freaked when she found our her fetus had fingernails and then she decided to have the baby and give the baby up for adoption. Democrats have done a spectacular job brainwashing the masses.
The best part of his remarks today was that medicaid was free to all states. Then who pays for this service? Yup, the federal government. Who are they? Yup, me and millions of tax paying citizens paying free healthcare for those that qualify. IT IS NOT FREE. Also the federal government does not pay for the administrative costs. They also do not pay if the newly insured person could have qualified for medicaid previously and didn't sign up. So they are ONLY paying 90 some percent for new enrollees if this is the FIRST time they qualify. That is why many states decided not to expand medicaid that already consumes 20 percent of most state's budget. When the federal government stops paying for these new enrollees, then the state must absorb the cost. Where does that money come from?
It is amazing in the world that has increasingly become soft on so many issues, that somehow killing babies before their birth and then throwing away their ripped up bodies into the trash is not deemed horrendous human action. Until we admit killing our babies is immoral behavior we will see society continue to wither. It is a cancer among us. I just don't get it. It doesn't matter when conception started, but the fact that the unborn would someday become a living human being. We are killing our future children for all sorts of reasons and refusing to admit our guilt.
She either lied, or she is clueless. You decide.
She was probably looking for a GP. In my town alone, there is at least 50. I hate to,say this, but many providers are providing false information about who will take that insurance. We recently were told such a lie.
Back a year or more ago, I found what appeared to be skin cancer. I called all the dermatologists in town and none would take me for at least 6 mos. They insisted they had no open appointments. I so didn't believe them that I went and sat at a local medical center and watched the traffic into that office. Whew. They were busy. I finally went to urgent care got an emergency referral and got my cancer treated. There really is a doctor shortage. I live in a town with 3 huge medical facilities and still getting to see a specialist is impossible. The expansion of medicaid was stupid. If you live rural, good luck. These folks will be forced to use the ER at a hospital that still takes medicaid.
Another individual policy that was canceled is now costing a friend including deductibles 30,000 yearly. This is for both husband and wife. Previously it was 15,000 yearly. The two people are about 60. This is the problem. Those that are older, not including their health issues, but just based on age, are paying out the nose for healthcare. This couple was a business team. That is who has been hit. The job creators that have been repeatedly kicked in the teeth by Obama.
Just asking, but does he also have a substance abuse problem like all the rest if the family? It is exhausting to latter hear the tales of why they all live life over the limit.
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verycold Wrote: Apr 06, 2014 12:13 PM
Years ago,when I was poor, I have what money I had left to Greenpeace. I could see environmental hazards perpetuated by big business. I lived in NJ. Do I need to say more? However, over time money and power turned this organization into the very thing they railed against. They became fanatics. What I never realized was that the creator had left the group having the same feelings I had. I think the WH does the same thing on a daily basis. They lie because they think it is for the greater good. They are myopic in their views. This happens to every power group and is why the media has so pitifully let us down. If they had done their job power would not go uncontrolled. Lying is never for the greater good.
Kirsten Powers, a democrat pundit on Fox, has openly admitted her individual policy that was canceled was replaced with one costing a lot more. She can afford this increase in cost. She isn't happy about it, but she has become mum on the subject. So she now realizes that there are winners and losers and she is a loser, but for the greater good she is going to take it. That is fine and dandy for her, but many faced with the same problem, simply cannot afford that extra premium cost each month. I have heard and know personally many in the same boat as Kirsten. They are going to take it on the chin because there is nothing they can do. What eventually will further divide this country is that many now getting free medicaid, and those getting a subsidy will be standing in line getting the same care without having much skin in the game. Let's see how long that "goodwill" holds out when Obama has chosen the winners and losers. Kirsten admits she wasn't aware the losers would lose so much. So she didn't mind paying a bit more so others could have access to healhcare. Again, for the many that don't have a big paying job such as Kirsten, they must then reduce their spending which I fail to see how that helps out the economy. So should some be punished to give to others? Obama said this group, mostly small business owners, are only about 5 percent of those with insurance and so they don't matter apparently. But they are the job creators and thus any additional burden for them is not being spent to increase their topline and hire more people.
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