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Author stated her facts. You didn't. The implications in this article - if proven correct - mean our country's most fundamental instrument is in peril and the people in charge are stealing elections.
Kind of like voter fraud, by crowding out relevant conversation.
This has nothing to do to with the content of this article. There are 821 comments to this article now. You're simply filling this comment thread with noise so others with a relevant argument will never be read due to over saturation. You have successfully proven the author's point by crowding out the real voices of discussion, much like your friends in the Democratic party disenfranchise and invalidate elections with voter fraud. How apt.
The GOP need to pound simple truths home to minorities and the poor on the common ground High debt leads to high inflation leads to 12 dollar milk and 8 dollar gas. They are the party of school choice, and want to cut out middle-man-union which looks out for their teacher pensions instead of child performance. USA doubled edu. spending and test scores have stagnated since, 1970s, so why should unions have any influence in any reform? There are other sensible and simple messages they could repeat as a platform and party. They need to define these items and show how they are different from the Democratic Party. Only then will they be the party I recognized when I first entered politics.
Seriously, we've been in the digital age for 15-20 years now. This should not be hard. The instant any citizen dies, repatriates, or gets convicted of a felony the government should automatically revoke registration. If they would take this simple step, this wouldn't be such a tired and polarized issue. It would only require the coordination of a few offices and an automatic triggering mechanism. Anyone that believes a politician when they say they can make the gov't work leaner and smarter is a fool. The bigger it gets, the more unmanageable and chaotic it becomes; until there is nobody that can be held responsible when catastrophes occur (hello FEMA).
Remember folks, he said "or." We should hold him to that or else he'll be arguing the definition of "or."
Progressives are fairly idiotic about this subject. Just give people prosperity and they will population control themselves. Look at the most developed nations in the world. Japan, Russia, and more than half of European nations are seeing declining birthrates in current generations because fewer people are marrying or having children. I'm sure there are many other countries as examples. America hasn't gotten there yet, but populations always peak at some point. So progressives really just worry over nothing. Give populations prosperity, and they will automatically dwindle their own numbers.
Just did a search at Huffpo for any mention of this misconduct. Silence. Why am I not surprised?
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