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And Now He's Ticked Off Hillary

Vernon43 Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 2:13 PM
Hillary has been an embarrassment to this country as secretary of state. Recall the Russian reset, and how well it worked, Then Obama/Hillary trying in vain to overturn the constitutionally correct Honduras legislature's decision in order to return a deposed leader to his dictatorial post. The scandal that has followed in the wake of this ambitious, under-prepared, Senator from NY, and then S of S, is staggering. Not even getting the indigestion-causing Clinton family out of public life will begin to atone for the murders they are responsible for in Libya, but it will be s significant move in the right direction. In any event, her boss has probably bought his retirement farm...hope, pray, and change...we the people deserve better.
I am imagining that Hillary Clinton is spending a great deal of time with close advisors and political strategists this week.  She has been a very good soldier for Barack Obama for four years now.  But there is no way that Hillary Clinton is going to allow her own presidential ambitions for 2016 to be spoiled so that Barack Obama can be re-elected in 2012.