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Redskins: No Harm, No Foul, Mr. Costas

Vernon42 Wrote: Oct 16, 2013 10:19 AM
The NFL owners will likely tire of all this and force Mr Snyder to relent. You might as well be thinking of a new name. Then the PC police will be on to their next victim.
The University of Massachusetts changed their name from the Red Men to the Minutemen. Now the PC pointy headed police want to change it again because it is a white man with a gun. If it is changed, they will not be satisfied.
Pointy headed liberals like Hayes, Nadler and Obama feel the Constitution is flawed and should be discarded because it was written by white men who owned slaves and lived 224 years ago. Because they have an inherent dislike of America, they prefer one like the crime capitol of the world, South Africa.
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