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NO, NO, NO. Please don't take your ball and go home. We'll make you a deal. If you will just reverse every EO and return the government to the way you found it, you can play golf EVERY day for the next 3.75 years. We promise not to hold that against your party in the upcoming 2016 election. We'll even sponsor Tiger to play with you a few times.
sounds like honorless nihilism to me. "We call it a fetus, so it is no longer human, bovine, or .....)." blah, blah, blah, scientifically-based rationalization. Truth: If it has 'primarily' homo sapien DNA, then by nature it is human. Level of growth does not matter in classification, and it becomes by genetic definition a unique life when that DNA combines, at CONCEPTION. Causing that life to cease outside of natural circumstances is willful termination, murder in the case of abortion save terminal pregnancy. Note: I hate to have to add the 'primarily' there, since some troublesome scientists are combining species' DNA.
Then why was my firstborn able to respond to stimuli within 18 weeks gestation?? You are simply an enabler of murder.
Anyone who votes "D" in a local, state, or federal election in some way enables or subsizes this trade, whether intentional or not. So, the next time you go to the ballot box .... 1) are you fighting for life 2) are you enabling death 3) are you actively promoting death Those are the choices.
You're right Randi. It is valuable in that it is profitable. It makes Democrats lots of money and provides many Democrats with a chance at "public service". I mean, who cares that it is blood money, that it has destroyed an entire generation in the name of "choice"? Who cares that it is subsidized by taxpayer dollars, and clinic heads can come away with millions? Who cares that would-be parents carry lifelong guilt and sorrow based on their BABY they sacrificed to "choice". Here's a research project: find 5 would-be moms and see how many of them are happy 10 years later. The answer in most cases is ZERO. I know; I've asked them. Read the testimony of Carol Everett of the Heidi Group, and see how insidious the industry really is, if you...
If by 'returning to the 50's', you mean removing the taxpayer funded, Democrat run (complete with kickbacks) murder mills to return healthcare where it belongs, a hospital, then absolutely yes. If you mean removing abortion advertising, i.e. "sex education" from our schools, then absolutely. Shame on Democrats for constantly promoting this for-profit industry of murder that is subsidized by our tax dollars. The blood of our missing generation is on your hands. Tell us again, Mr. President, why you opposed the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act" in Illinois? Right, because "the decision should be left to the doctor and the mother". Like Dr. Gosnell, the butcher? The real war on women is the broken hearts and lives of mothers (and...
Murder is murder. Outside of just war, justice, and terminal pregnancy, ending life from conception to grave is murder. You can try to justify it any way you want. Society is crumbling because the Left allows and protects the practice causing the most innocent and most defenseless to be destroyed. And it is your shame in perpetuity.
Speaking for God are you. You better hope you're right, because all their blood is on your head with that kind of statement.
If you ever wondered what was going wrong with America, this is it: the loss of the respect for life. The amoral left promotes promiscuity, then uses fear and coercion to commit the most inhuman, horrendous legal act known to mankind: murdering a sentient, viable, innocent life before it has a chance to defend himself/herself, usually with great pain. It is a violation to the right to life, a basic precept of our society, and to equal protection, another critical tenet for our once polite society. As long as this is allowed to flourish for greed or 'research', the stain on our society and country grows ever larger. It's time to take a stand.
Of course there's no crisis. The Dems haven't pilfered your 401K yet. They still have plenty of our money to steal before we are in trouble. O's budget is the first legitimate swipe toward doing it. To quote the late Lady Thatcher: "the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." I hope you Dem trolls aren't planning on ever retiring.
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