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The ultimate in discipline in that Marine, who swore to protect the thing the man on his right has sworn to destroy, and he stands there and endures that. He has more honor in his pinky finger than Obama and all his Cabinet.
So Mr. Miller, how does it feel under the wheels of the corrupt bus you have just been thrown under??? The Administration is taking all of the "right" steps, but no one cares as even some of the dullest sheep are waking up to what is going on.
The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town. The wheels are off the bus cuz all the people went under, all through the town.
You forgot Uncle Harry.
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True Grit

VeritasDeTejan Wrote: May 15, 2013 9:55 AM
I'm Texan and a verified cousin of Reuben J, so that should be enough by itself. However, for completion, my kids are being taught to be interdependent (three cords not easily broken) but also to be independent and responsibly self-reliant. In other words, they don't mind getting dirty and/or injured if the situation calls for it, and they don't like nanny government any more than I do.
It's kind of like a liberal politician saying he wants to be in politics so he can 'help people.'
Maybe some of them are actually considering growing a conscience. My babies started showing cognition and responses to stimuli before 20 weeks. States are allowing murder of babies up to 27 weeks. Beating hearts are silenced through 'humane' methods causing excruciating pain, and liberals are only concerned about "the decision of the mother and her 'doctor'", meaning they should be allowed to coerce her into silencing the life inside. This concern ends at the procedure, because you don't see libs supporting the decades-long mental rehab she will need when she realizes she murdered her child. Nope, once the money is made, she is on her own. And libs call conservatives mean and heartless. Where are you, oh so kind and tolerant libs on this day your hero Gosnell is brought to justice?
Near the top of the list of things wrong with contemporary America is this misplaced trust. America has no sense of discernment and little desire for continued constitutionally-based freedom. Batten down the hatches; the storm is coming in.
Mafia owned Harry, -threatens to end filibuster -forces ObamaCare through against the will of the majority of Americans -call the one speaking for freedom-loving Americans a "schoolyard bully" That's rich. I haven't laughed this hard in a while.
clueless enabler ... are you skipping class?
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