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Simple, the only way to defeat ISIS, follow the dictum of the Daleks: EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!
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What Happened?

verist Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 10:36 AM
Because of their memory of the Watergate affair, Congress may believe that impeachment would be such a long, drawn-out process that it is too late to consider. But President Andrew Johnson was impeached, tried and judged within 4 weeks. Convince Biden that he could be President before the 2016 campaign if he lined up 12 or 13 of his Democrat buddies in the Senate and conviction is possible.
This train has already left the station. Stating the obvious at this date is only pretending to be a leader, or relevant.
If those on death row were executed one per day (that would mean over 2 years) then some might be deterred from murdering. What is needed is a benchmark. Execute within 6 months of conviction. Many citizens may have ill feelings that they, through the state, are choosing to kill another human. But the convict has chosen to murder. When one violates the law, he is choosing the punishment for that violation. Thus, a murderer is choosing his own execution. So, there is no reason for anyone to feel guilty of executing another. This does not mean that he cannot feel sorrow or pity for the poor unfortunate soul.
Remember, the Obama campaign logo symbolized America going down the drain.
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The Filmmaker Big Business Wants Silenced

verist Wrote: May 04, 2014 11:45 PM
Illegal immigration is one effect of the abortion issue which is neglected. Abortion has created a labor vacuum. So many abortions has created a need for immigrant labor. If the U.S. born workforce was larger, then the resistance to illegal immigration might be greater.
It seems to me that what is material on this issue is 1st: Why didn't the Administration respond with force to the attack in a country lacking a central government? and 2nd: Why is the Administration so reluctant to assert itself the ME? The motivation behind the attacks are immaterial and debating talking points is a side-show. Talking points not the main event. The attack was taking place and that is all that mattered, and it lasted some hours and the Administration did nothing.
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Politics Versus Education

verist Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 3:12 PM
Liberal Blacks cannot help but see racism everywhere. Their whole world view comes across as racial. They see racism where it doesn't exist. They accuse others of racism where it is not intended. And they'll be damned if they are going to be forgiving and gracious where racism is not intended. Liberals may speak tolerance and understanding, but it is tolerance for them, not for you. And you better understand them, because they are not going to make the attempt to understand you.
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How Foreign Is Our Policy?: Part II

verist Wrote: Apr 02, 2014 2:50 PM
Clearly, Obama is guilty of SUBVERSION of the United States, for that is what he meant by "fundamentally changing" the U.S.
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