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Why oh why do we put up with this?? Just unbelievable. We don't have s president, we have a boy in the white house. A pretender. And we've known it for many years now.
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Obama the Problem Creator

Verbivore Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 3:41 PM
Well said. What I don't get, is why he was allowed a pass on this. When asked about the border, he clearly acknowledges a problem, yet punts on a solution. He makes NO ACTION! Just says, "well, there wouldn't be a problem if...." okaaaay, so, lets pretend that is true. But there IS a problem, so what are you gonna do about it?? I give up. the man is nuts.
Why is he continually given a pass? I cannot comprehend. In his first appearance, where he deigned to even publicly discuss the problem, he didn't. He essentially said, "Not my problem." It's like a kid that dumps all his toys, won't clean em up, and then says it's "Johnny's fault, because he knows the toys are there."
No photo ops? Photo ops define his presidency. How else to explain his smokin weight lifting, hoop shooting, bicycle riding, football throwing self? Ya know what'd be great? a compilation of all his photo ops. I mean, pictures tell a story, right? What story is he telling in pics?
is it just me? Something looks off in that pool pic. Is he demonstrating once again that he has no sporting skills
and while we are on manufactured problems...can someone in journalism just check this out for us: Presidents, historically ignore our "Native Americans." right or wrong, they just do. Obama, found himself with nothing pressing to do, and a world of peace and calm, so yawned, stretched, and says to himself, "yep. think ill go visit and Indian reservation. Never been to one of them before." Immediately following his visit, Lo! FIRE! On a Reservation. Was this anywhere near where he visited? What is the Recreation land that is closed because of this fire? what happens to the displaced residents? How much acreage is being destroyed? What will happen to it now? Will that land be returned to the Native Americans? Or go back to Obama's coffers? Just wondering. there are no coincidences. Right?
Right off the bat, you lose me. "Obama is not responsible." Really? Are you sure about that? Can you prove it. There was no controversy here. Only a simpering few trying to turn molehills into mountains. And SUDDENLY, Reid sends out an inciting tweet, (government), and [o]BAM[a], the NEXT day Suddenly, the patent office has nothing better today than rescind a decades old trademark. And you think this "just happened" out of the blue? yeah, right. Diversions, false controversies. WATCH THE OTHER HAND!!
I hope someone in power calls them on this. It's all stall tactic and diversion. Meanwhile the IRS, the WH, dither, obfuscate, and deceive. "Produce the emails in 24 hours or be charged with contempt. And held accordingly."
well gee, if the computers are that fragile, should we really trust our most sensitive health and medical and financial information to them? Seems we'll have to go back to pen and paper. Hey! I've got a pen! I know how to use it.
Again. The administration will NEVER rise higher than what they believe to be the stupidity of their constituents. Control the narrative. Offense. Do not play into their hand!
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