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It's not just islam. All religions get a pass; islam, buddhism, hinduism, even mormonism. all the isms. These religions are foreign to most of hollywood. These religions happen in "other countries." And "other countries" are always "beautiful. Christianity though is their own backyard. It is the warp and weft of America. They grow up with pains, real and imagined, most likely with only a cursory understanding of "christianity," and as a scapegoat for everythingwrongwiththeworld, it works pretty well for them. And also they are scared if the criticize Islam someone will chop off their head.
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Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline

Verbivore Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 8:21 PM
does that make him the bottleneck of the pipeline? But somehow he will blame the Republicans. and the media will pant and drool.
no. Jacob and James are not the same word. yakob is Jacob. not James. Read up on it. and actually the name he is given is not quite "yeshua" or Joshua. But rather a slight variation. The hebrew Joshua means "Yahweh is Salvation." The writers of NT refer to Jesus as "the Christ" or mashiach --Messiah. Jesus the Christ. Jesus the Messiah. So it doesn't matter, as you say how many "yeshuas." there is only one, Yahushua Mashiach.
and of course, we know the burial box is a fraud. if it says "james," it is wrong. the name of Jesus' brother is of course, Jacob. Changed to James to satisfy a certain king who sat on the throne at the time of an English translation.
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Why Rudy Was Wrong!

Verbivore Wrote: Feb 22, 2015 11:14 AM
Also, the laser focus on this one comment, demonstrates the depths of obfuscation the lap-dogs will go through to divert attention from incompetency and dangerous policies.Your poll demonstrates a majority position. Yet the press treat this as tantamount to treason. Headline today...raaaacisst....Yeah. Cause anything other than absolute swooning of a black president, is racist. stupid. stupid. stupid.
"precious journalists?" I don't know who clinch is, but that whole statement reeks of sarcasm, even the phrase, "burnt out." It sounds like something written by a 12 year old. Maybe he had one of precious and young journalists write the quote.
oh my goodness!! THIS the media finds important. THIS they track down. NOW we leave no stone unturned. And yet, for The One, they tripped over the stones and could never be bothered to look down. Unbelievable!!
well how can we possibly know if the reasons are "legitmate" if we have not first defined who is extreme?? Liberals are so cute. Deny the existence of evil. Deny that right and wrong are like are a " real thing." And then sit and ponder why oh why do good people do bad things. And how can it be a bad thing if there is no bad thing? Of course! It must be our fault! The world is not as it should be and they (someone, anyone, nobody really knows who), they are upset and so they are just trying to tell us in the only way "They" know how. Lacking words and common language, some of these unamed, unknown extremists resort to actions like beheading random people. Its all good. Just trying to make a point. So cute.
svirk. You're obfuscating. What is accomplished by your sidebar? it's like Obama mischaracterizing the crusades and blaming Christians. Hundreds of CHRISTIAN hate groups? No. 50,000 members? no. Terrorism? no. On what basis do they identify as Christian? Here is what Jesus said, "Whoever does not love, does not know me." And, In this is love, that you lay down your life for your brother." The Bible also tells us, this is pure religion, "to care for the widows and orphans, to feed the poor." This is the heart of Christianity. It is best seen in the missionaries who voluntarily went to Africa to tend to Ebola victims. Obfuscate a way. But I see know one being beheaded in the name of Jesus, the Living Christ.
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