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I disagree. I think the GOP needs to take off the gloves, go for the jugular, and impeach. Circus, schirmcus. They scream about impeachment as a means of hoping we will NOT impeach. Mock and vilify. That is the tactic. The GOP needs to call the bluff and do it already.
That Pelosi backtracks and refuses to condemn Hamas should give us all pause. Well, we know she is a non-thinking, parroting shrill for Obama, but is it possible, she or the admin have been threatened by Hamas in some way? My observation is that those who support Hamas do so through ignorance, or fear.
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Same-Sex Marriage vs. Motherhood

Verbivore Wrote: Jul 30, 2014 10:05 AM
We will all pay the price for this. Children are treated as afterthoughts. Bestowed on one person, two people, a group of people(?) to satisfy a whim, any whim, a desire, a fleeting thought of extending nurture to another human being because it "fulfills" me, makes me happy, etc. The child, and the child's need become secondary and subservient to the homosexual couple committed to playing house, assuaging the guilt, and promoting and angry agenda of pseudo equality. God help us all.
Obama to Gov. Haslam: Dear Govenor, F$%& You. Best Regards, Your Supreme Leader, The O.
Ha. Is that supposed to be a picture of him "mulling?" Should be a picture of a mulligan on the back nine.
ok. barring witty comebacks....Speak boldly. Bluntly. Frankly. And DO NOT apologize in the morning. Yes, you will offend. But then, conservatives offend by breathing. So don't apologize. go for it. Speak the truth. Audeamus!
Hear, Hear! Too polite! Exactly. Conservative pols have manners. Breeding. Class. If we insist on being polite, we at least need to perfect the zing and the insult. Perhaps a book of witty repartee would be in order?
He does shoot off EO's. (my mistake for not recognizing the horror of that illegal activity.), Congress is smart, he can mock them all the the live long day, but they will not be bullied to do his will. They will not be held to account for the orders he foisted on the public. Could you imagine the likes of the media if even one repub had voted for the disaster that is Ocare. You yourself would be deriding it and blaming republicans!
That's it? That's your defense? "Everyone is doing it." No lois dear, they were not. Presidents have traditionally been engaged, involved, operating from a genuine love of country and compassion for their fellow man. At least you admit Obama is only here to party and destroy America.
Obama wants recognition. He wants the trappings of wealth. He longs for affirmation. His mother abandoned him. His father is.....unknown(?) and he is forever that kid that never fit in. Creating the ultimate megalomaniac. He wants to be the one in charge, he just didn't know he was actually going to have to do anything once he got there. Well....except for settle old grievances and destroy america. He's checked that off his list and now he is moving on to the partaaay.
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