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yes! Scott is exactly right.
That 's not what he said, "south side" he said Black people were better of with a job, than sitting on a front taking gov't handouts. but again....it's about the gov't THEFT, not Cliven Bundy
wonder what happens to that cattle? Wonder if ends up on your dinner plate?
and yeah....Bundy is on to something, he stated it badly---but while the media, and FOX gasp in horror and try to step faaaar away from the pile of doodoo, consider what he is actually saying; the gov't stepped in and "gallantly" freed slaves-many, many, many years ago. but they offered nothing in return. the gov't in there hurry to fix a wrong, left a gaping void. REad "Warmth of Other Suns." Excellent book, but a tragic story where blacks are concerned. Knowing only farming, and then sharecropping (another name for slavery), blacks fled to the cities in search of jobs. but Bundy is right on this, the city offered nothing for families. And the precious children, once used to working alongside family, had nothing to do, while the parents scrapped together an income. The kids fell into drugs, theft, gangs... the whole culture of "ghetto" growing up out of this struggle.
NO! No! no! Focus people! this is not about Cliven Bundy! It is about gov't overreach. About sending in snipers to collect a bill. It's about abuse of power. It could have been you and your own little patch of dirt. The Constitution, Free Speech, Bill of Rights, they are for EVERYONE! Doesn't matter if you like the guy, agree, or disagree. your opinion is not what matters. The Constitution matters. And the gov't is the villain here, not some rancher--who's opionion on race has NOTHING to do with this case.
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A Legal Way To Kill?

Verbivore Wrote: 5 hours ago (4:50 PM)
freedomist, or what if one day you were in a foreign country and you were randomly kidnapped, placed in a small dark cell, and beaten, fed maggoty food and stale water, and denied contact with the outside world? What if you were tied up bloody and broken and left to die a slow and painful death? Yeah. that's what happens in "foreign" country. And they don't even care about rule of law, geneva convention, or rights, or chocolate! So um, yeah. I don't even know what your stupid argument is. What if the AMERICAN CITIZEN Obama is killing through drone attacks is completely innoncent? What if one day a drone in a foreign country, or amercia mistakes YOU for a terrorist and kills you?? What if "they" come to our country and slaughter us for no reason other than the fact that we have an incompetent "man" in charge of our used to be great nation?
I know she is supposed to be an "aunt," and by that i presume, "blood relative" of POTUS, but is it just me, or is their absolutely NO family resemblance? Can we get a blood test?
really? In a day of crazies and unstable people, you want us to use our real names on the WORLD wide web? No thanks. I'm all for personal responsibility, but when speaking to the nameless masses, i prefer anonymity.
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Verbivore Wrote: Apr 06, 2014 6:19 PM
I agree with Scott4872. Apologizing, and whimpering over "their" fascism only emboldens the aggressor. Nothing was done that they we did not allow.. If Mozzila had an ounce of courage they would have stood up to them and said "so what!" We are a nation of cowards. all of us. We need more Gandalfs to stand up and shout, "You Shall Not Pass!"
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