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So what's going on here? Three people in just a few days "break in" to the white house. One of them in a pokemon hat! Not much for subtlety. And now the news "leaks" out that besides highly incompetent Secret Service, one person made it pretty deep inside. Chance? I don't think so. Something is going on. Not sure what yet. But this WH is not to be believed. I would have thought someone was testing the system. But when they let news leak about how far in an intruder made it....I dunno. Something is very fishy here. Let's watch what happens. Bet money it will involve more gov't control over ....something!
Chickens. Roosting. He never went to intelligence briefings! How would he know what Clapper or anyone else said. Clapper--a decent guy--under the bus.
Alton Nollen? No. that is not his name. It's some unpronounceable Muslim name. Why pretend it isn't? Which gives me pause. Does Brian Howard, the man who cut cables and his neck in Chicago Transpo Hub, go by any other name? Would you admit it if he did?
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi. Read this. It will give you better understanding into the heart and soul of Islam. Plus he has an amazing story.
talking about murdering an infant, not killing a terrorist.
Actually, populations are declining. And it's a problem.
is it? Curbing the population? you think that killing off millions of girls, and trying to create a society of only men, might have an effect on the population? no matter what you try to say is true, only girls can incubate a human. Without girls, population declines. educate yourself. World populations are in a state of decline from which we cannot recover. The most important thing is not curbing anyone. The most important thing is recognizing that each person, male or female--is made in the image of God.
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Student Bullies Trump 1st Amendment

Verbivore Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 9:31 PM
Conservative speech leads to violence. Violence on the part of those offended by the speech. Just wondering...if an American kid is offended by a kid wearing a mexican flag....is the mexican flag still allowed?
So, it seems it's been "banned book week" for like a month now. Which is a time for libraries to be filled with faux outrage over books that were never even banned!....Any book that someone, somewhere, raised a question about qualifies as a banned book. But we are so much more tolerant now. Accepting all comers, welcoming all creeds, inviting discourse from all sectors. Well, of course, not Christianity! No, No, can't have that. Might stumble over truth, conscience, and salvation of the soul....THEN where would be??
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