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Ha! I doubt very much that Biden has any clue of the etymology and derisive meaning of the word. Really. don't give him too much credit.
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Obama's Forgotten "N" Word

Verbivore Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 5:15 PM
Not sure what you are getting at Mccullough. Was this just a way to show us your really cool new tatoo? (and it is...cool...I'm impressed), but as to the discussion about Obamas faith or lack thereof. It is considered noble, to lie in the name of Islam, as a means of defending Islam. Lie about who you are, lie about what you are doing, lie about your beliefs. Obama does nothing to indicate faith in Jesus. Nothing except a few sentences. but he does MANY things to support a belief in Islam. I contend that the reason he said, "this is not Islam," and "no religion advocates killing of innocents," is simply his own reconciling what he believes to be true about Islam, with what is actually happening. It's like he is saying to himself, "this is not Islam, [not the islam i know, not the islam i follow]. And maybe it's not. maybe it's not what he signed up for. But he will stand with the arabs as the political winds shift. Watch what happens his presidency is over.
They haven't. Those who voted for him, haven't got a clue.
They haven't. Those who voted for him, haven't got a clue.
So loud that saner minds cannot hear themselves think, or get their message out. Liberals and progressives are like screaming 2 year olds. they want candy. they want it now. Send them to their room and let the adults sort it out.
the Beheadings will continue until morale improves. Can we stop now with the "national conversation" about "whooping kids with a switch." We got real problems. Kids whooped with switches don't grow up to behead people. We are so screwed up as a society.
Obama said, " I will stand with them [muslims] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." connect the dots....we didn't, and they tried to destroy us. it is to our detriment to ignore this.
Naber says,"if it works for you, I'm happy. I just don't believe everything every person tells me." Which is his way of saying, "I'm done with this conversation." And that's fine. though I doubt he's happy [for me], considering he doesn't even know me. But nader, do read it for yourself. Ask "Who is God?" and then dive into what His very claims.
yes. It does. read it--and find out for yourself. Take a look at God and who he claims to be.
Ah, but EJ20...what is truth? And on what do you base "personal responsibility?"
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