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so boom. There it is. Can Republicans get some backbone now? Quit being all apologetic for stepping on toes. Quit hiding in the shadows. The Dems/libs are cutthroat, ruthless. No lie too great. No smear campaign too much. I don't believe we have to resort to their tactits, but we need to quit pretending they are nice. And quit pretending we all have the interst of America at heart. They don't care about Americans. Period. They. Are. Not. Nice.
Gracious. The homeless are not pigeons. Or stray dogs. They are human beings. Persons. Imago deo. They are us. We are them. A liberal would not give a dying man a cup of cold water. Unless it was organic. Pure. Mountain stream. At least, that is the self-righteous excuse the liberal offers up. In reality, homeless just smell funny, and and don't go with his machiatto light soy no whip.
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Welcome to the No Fun Left

Verbivore Wrote: Nov 05, 2014 11:20 PM
No fun left. Yep. Sums it up exactly. Attacking football. I've been saying that for the last few months. And don't expect it to let up. The Left will. not. stop. Not untill football is banished. Which is interesting, it's a kazillion dollar industry. Where are the owner and coaches? Why are bullying tactits allowed? I thought bullying was a bad thing.
So what's going on here? Three people in just a few days "break in" to the white house. One of them in a pokemon hat! Not much for subtlety. And now the news "leaks" out that besides highly incompetent Secret Service, one person made it pretty deep inside. Chance? I don't think so. Something is going on. Not sure what yet. But this WH is not to be believed. I would have thought someone was testing the system. But when they let news leak about how far in an intruder made it....I dunno. Something is very fishy here. Let's watch what happens. Bet money it will involve more gov't control over ....something!
Chickens. Roosting. He never went to intelligence briefings! How would he know what Clapper or anyone else said. Clapper--a decent guy--under the bus.
Alton Nollen? No. that is not his name. It's some unpronounceable Muslim name. Why pretend it isn't? Which gives me pause. Does Brian Howard, the man who cut cables and his neck in Chicago Transpo Hub, go by any other name? Would you admit it if he did?
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi. Read this. It will give you better understanding into the heart and soul of Islam. Plus he has an amazing story.
talking about murdering an infant, not killing a terrorist.
Actually, populations are declining. And it's a problem.
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