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Right on, baby. They're takin' it to the streets!
Case No. 05-35890 1. Democrats supported Slavery and its expansion into the northern states 2. Democrats introduced the Missouri Compromise and the Kansas-Nebraska Act to expand slavery into the northern states. 3. Democrats support of the Dred Scott Decision 4. Democrats supported Fugitive Slave Laws 5. Democrats collectively opposed the 13th Amendment to end slavery 6. Democrats collectively opposed the 14th Amendment to give blacks citizenship Democrats collectively opposed the 15th Amendment to give blacks the right to vote 7. Democrats exhausted every efforts to destroy Reconstruction including opposing the 1867 Reconstruction Act and coming up with the Compromise of 1877 Democrats opposed the Freedman Bureau 8. Democrats opposed Senate Bill 60 of 1866 to give blacks 40 acres and mule (It was Democratic President Andrew Johnson that vetoed the Bill. 9. Democrats supported of the Slaughter House Case 10. Democrats opposed the 1866 Civil Rights Acts 11. Democrats opposed the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 and continue to oppose anti-lynching laws up through 1965 12. Democrats passed a multitude of Jim Crow Legislation 13. Democrats passed of Black Codes 14. Democrats establishment of the Ku Klux Klan and other terrorist auxiliaries for their Party to keep blacks in their place 15. Democrats promoted White Supremacy 16. Democrats opposed blacks schools and colleges 17. Democrats supported of Plessy v Ferguson legalizing Segregation 18. Democrats were against the decision in the case of Brown v Board of Education 19. Democrats supported, participated and endorsed over 5,000 lynching in states under their control 20. Democrats opposed to the NAACP and other organization designed to help blacks 21. Democrats were in opposition to blacks holding political office and drove many from office during Reconstruction with terror and violence 22. Southern Democrats debated against the passage of the 1964 Civil Right Act 23. Southern Democrats debated against the passage of 1965 Voting Rights Act 24. Southern Democrats fought against Affirmative Action 25. Southern Democrats fought against the integration of Southern schools 26. Democrats supported and participated in burning down middle class black communities like those in Rosewood, Florida, Wilmington, North Carolina and the Greenwood 27. District (Black Wallstreet) in Tulsa Oklahoma.
What is this brain trust's proposal for getting the child-molesting union teachers out of the classroom?
A UCLA study shows that Los Angeles has gone 23 years without job growth, losing 3.1% of the jobs it had in 1990--dead last among U.S. cities, even worse than Detroit. http://www.breitbart.com/InstaBlog/2014/04/02/Bankrupt-Detroit-Beats-L-A-in-Job-Growth http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-ucla-forecast-20140402,0,7414726.story#axzz2xjc8HTm4 It still is paradise at the end of the rainbow... for the public employees.
I believe now it's 9th and dropping.
I think another thing you have with this guy is a small mind (duh). Wait, I mean sort of small experience, scope, vision. The guy has never run anything in his life, and his dealings are with what, small bands of fellow Chicago troublemakers and Acorn drones. So if something goes wrong, you can schmoose a little, make some pay-offs, threaten peoples’ kids, expose sealed court records, you know, small-time cheap punk stuff. But this, to quote our favorite public dunce, is a big bleeping deal, screwing with a big chunk of the biggest economy in the world. So what do we see now that the wheels are coming off? Still a small-time punk behaving like a small-time punk. To say he’s in WAY over his head is a gross understatement.
This is why it should (and does, for adults) so long to make public policy. All this bleep would have come out in analysis and negotiations 3 years BEFORE it was passed, not 3 years after.
EXCELLENT article. Think about it... WTF just happened? Millions of Americans having their lives thrown into turmoil by this little man were not enough to prompt even a hint of contrition. It took open rebellion by congressional democrats threatening his political future to get him to offer an apology, such as it was. This is a very pathetic and dishonest little man.
I'll be right back... I have to go get another pair of socks.
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